Create Every Opportunity Brings Financial Literacy Education Directly to Families & Teens with the Launch of CEO Connect at Home

The at-home program empowers families to take control of their financial future through robust, interactive courses for everyday finances, delivered by esteemed financial advisors and business leaders

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Create Every Opportunity, an immersive web-based program for high schools, college athletes, and treatment centers to teach the fundamental principles of financial literacy and entrepreneurship, today announced the organization’s flagship program is now available to families nationwide through CEO Connect at Home. With the vast majority of American high school students - especially those in underserved communities - not providing any sort of financial literacy education to teach basic money skills, CEO Connect at Home provides families with an opportunity to bring invaluable resources into the home to fill the gap.

Create Every Opportunity is working to solve the educational disparities that exist in financial literacy for the country’s youngest generations. For families who have teenagers, conversations about money are necessary to prepare teens for the various financial decisions they’ll be faced with. The average student borrows more than $30,000 to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and college students spend more than $2,270 per month on living expenses while attending college, yet teens aren’t currently armed with the financial resources needed to navigate these complex financial situations. With the CEO Connect at Home platform, families will now have access to these resources and more that will support both parents and teens as they navigate the conversation about managing money.

CEO Connect at Home’s web-based program is available anytime and anywhere through a personal computer or smartphone. The robust courses allow families to take advantage of world class content in the comfort of their home, and at their own pace. Parents and teens can complete courses in order of importance to them and their current financial situation, and continuously reference the material as needed. Additional features include:

  • Relevant, Timely Financial Content Updated Yearly: CEO Connect gives families access to more than 300+ modules. Each learning module features a video with an industry professional, a corresponding PDF booklet with educational content to match, and an activity portion at the end with multiple choice questionnaires. Course topics include basic finances, entrepreneurship skills to everyday skills including Budgeting, Taxes, Debit & Credit Cards, Debt Management, Investing, Business Basics, Negotiating, Time Management, Stress Management, Problem Solving, and much more.
  • Recognizable Business Leaders Delivering Engaging Content: A roster of recognizable and diverse leaders that parents and teens know and can relate with share important insights and learnings on a variety of topics. Contributors to the platform include Rob Manfred, Commissioner of the MLB; Bill Cartwright, three-time champion in the NBA; Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports; Sylvia Acevedo, former CEO of the Girl Scouts; and Sabon Lomac, co-founder of Cousins Maine Lobster & recipient of Shark Tank funding.
  • Access to Ongoing Financial Education & Professional Development: With Global Connect, teens get access to review internship opportunities, webinars, and additional e-learning materials from the very organizations the contributing business professionals are associated with. Access to the CEO Uncovered Podcast is also available to hear more from various industry professionals sharing detailed advice and insights on finance topics and entrepreneurship.

“Teens are increasingly faced with new financial decisions, from receiving their first paycheck, opening their first bank account and credit card, to selecting a student loan. Without a foundational understanding of key financial concepts and best practices, many teens could jeopardize their financial future by making poor decisions with their money,” said Ashley Henschel, Co-Founder of Create of Every Opportunity. “CEO Connect will bring this necessary financial content directly into homes, so families have access to the important details as they navigate money conversations with their teens.”

Create Every Opportunity has a robust background in teaching students the important financial concepts that will impact their lives. The CEO Connect platform is currently in more than 300 schools across the country, reaching almost 600,000 students. With each new school CEO onboards with its web-based curriculum, the CEO team educates the school on how to properly teach entrepreneurship, job readiness, and financial literacy.

“I was impressed by the Create Every Opportunity team, and their mission to bring quality financial literacy content to students across the country,” said Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, who recently recorded videos for the platform. “I hope that my insights, along with the insights provided by other professionals who've contributed to the platform, will resonate and positively impact students as they plan for their future endeavors.”

At-home access to CEO Connect is available to families through a yearly subscription of $80 per year.

To learn more about Create Every Opportunity, and to purchase CEO Connect at Home, visit

About Create Every Opportunity (CEO):
Create Every Opportunity's mission is to provide financial literacy and entrepreneurship learning to all, no matter their financial circumstances or background. CEO offers a web-based curriculum for high schools, college athletes, and treatment centers to teach the fundamental principles of financial literacy, job readiness and entrepreneurship, known as "The CEO Program". CEO has worked with acclaimed professors and business leaders to develop 300+ interactive learning modules on topics such as: bank accounts, money management, budgeting, credit/debit cards, resume building, interviewing, taxes, interest, saving, investing, credit scores and business planning. The corresponding platform, CEO Connect, delivers a world class, online learning experience available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or personal computer.

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