Digital Check Corp. Updates API to Support macOS 13 ‘Ventura’ for TellerScan® T240 and CheXpress® CX30

Northbrook., IL, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two of Digital Check Corp.’s most popular check scanner models now include native support for macOS 13, the current version of the operating system for Apple desktop and laptop computers. Both the CheXpress CX30 single-feed scanner and the TellerScan TS240 high-speed scanner are now easier to install for use with macOS 13 by using the latest version of the Digital Check® API released today.

The update reflects the growing number of Apple computers used by small- and medium-sized businesses, including those that also use remote deposit capture, or RDC, to make check deposits electronically.

“With macOS representing a significant portion of the market share for desktop and laptop operating systems we’ve added the most current versions of macOS to the API for our best-selling scanners,” said Alex Trombetta, vice president of marketing and product management. “For software providers who integrate this latest version of the API, installation of scanners utilizing macOS will not require extra steps – just plug in the scanner like you would on a Windows PC.”

While it was already possible to run certain Digital Check scanners independently of the host PC’s operating system with the help of either a built-in or an external network adapter, adding support for macOS 13 directly to the main Digital Check API greatly reduces the effort and complexity of the typical setup for macOS users.

This API update focused on CheXpress CX30 and TellerScan240 scanners, the most frequently used Digital Check scanners in Mac environments.  Digital Check will soon be announcing additional scanners incorporating supported in the Mac environment.  Along with macOS 13, these Digital Check scanners also support macOS 11 (“Big Sur”) and macOS 12 (“Monterey”).

About Digital Check Corp.

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