Nxu Launches Revenue-Generating EV Charging Field Trials in Celebration of National Drive Electric Week

Nxu One Megawatt+ Charging System is Open to the Public with $1 Charging Promotion

MESA, Ariz., Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nxu Inc., (NASDAQ: NXU) (“Nxu”, “the Company”), a domestic technology company developing and manufacturing innovative EV charging and energy storage solutions for the infrastructure we need to power our electrified future, has launched its first public EV charging field trials, in Mesa, Ariz. Located outside the Company’s manufacturing facility at 1828 N. Higley Road in Mesa, EV users can charge their vehicles, of any make or model that supports CCS, 24 hours a day. Sept. 28-Oct. 1, all charges cost just $1.

The Nxu One Charging System is the only universal, dual-technology solution available for public charging. It is designed to support up to 4.5MW of bi-directional DC power and up to 50kW of bi-directional AC power. Nxu One adapts to any vehicle that supports CCS, charging as fast as the vehicle will allow – whether that’s a Chevy Bolt or an EV semi. A seamless cloud experience provides charging monitoring and payment solutions on your mobile device.

“Building on our successful megawatt+ charging demonstration in April, as well as our early compatibility with NACS in July, the focus on our EV charging product roadmap has concentrated our vision to make electric mobility viable,” said Nxu Founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Hanchett. “The reality is that subpar charging experiences and widely diffused charging locations are turning consumers off from EVs. We need to make the charging experience as easy as gassing up a car, and until we put the time and resources into making that happen, we stand in our own way.”

Users simply need to create a Nxu One Charging profile with payment information and visit the charging station in Mesa to have the reliable, consistent and convenient experience Nxu’s proprietary charging technology affords. Nxu staff will be onsite from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. during opening weekend to assist customers, as well as to answer practical and technical questions about the Nxu One Charging System.

Nxu recently announced its plans to secure a permanent charging location in Quartzsite, Ariz., a critical location between Phoenix and Los Angeles, working toward ensuring the electrification of high-demand highway routes is reliable and future-proofed with consistent energy storage and megawatt+ charging capabilities.

Range anxiety has historically been a common criticism of electric vehicles, though now EV users are now more commonly citing charger anxiety, or feeling uncertain about whether they’ll be able to charge at the next charging station they encounter. Nxu is aiming to curb this anxiety with consistent, reliable and convenient charging destinations, utilizing the foundational technology of its Nxu One Megawatt+ Charging System. From software to hardware to charging locations, the Nxu ecosystem will eliminate unreliable service contractors and streamline the customer experience.

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Nxu, Inc. is a domestic technology company leveraging its intellectual property and innovations to support e-Mobility and energy storage solutions. Driving the energy future, Nxu is developing an ecosystem of industry-leading grid level energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure and over-air cloud management – encompassed by Nxu’s seamless subscription-based models. For more information, visit www.nxuenergy.com.

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