BirdRock Brands Transforms Supply Chain Efficiency and Achieves Growth with TrueCommerce EDI Solution

Digitized EDI integration with NetSuite opens new channels for home goods company

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrueCommerce, a global provider of supply chain and trading partner connectivity, integration and omnichannel solutions, announced today that BirdRock Brands selected its electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to digitize and optimize supply chain operations and ultimately grow its business.

Austin, TX-based BirdRock Brands, a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of high-quality home, office, and outdoor products, experienced challenges in managing its supply chain when it joined Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime program. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, BirdRock transitioned from QuickBooks to NetSuite and hired NetSuite Administrator Mark Chuberka in 2018 to identify the right technology for accelerating the company's growth.

“We quickly discovered the potential of EDI as a standardized system for order message exchange,” said Chuberka. “Understanding that building and managing an in-house EDI system would be impractical, we looked for an EDI provider capable of integrating seamlessly with NetSuite. After evaluating multiple options, we chose TrueCommerce as the ideal partner due to its compatibility with our requirements, direct integration with NetSuite, and how easy they were to work with throughout the process.”

The implementation of the TrueCommerce EDI solution resulted in key improvements to BirdRock's everyday operations. Order processing, label printing, and package placement for delivery became fully automated, eliminating the manual labor associated with these tasks. TrueCommerce EDI streamlined the generation and transmission of essential documents such as acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices (ASNs), and invoices, simplifying previously arduous processes.

“TrueCommerce's EDI solution facilitated not only enhanced operational efficiency but also accelerated company growth and revenue,” added Chuberka. “It enabled us to expand into new channels and collaborate with additional retailers, as many already utilized EDI. Connecting with new opportunities became a simple matter of adding a customer connection via TrueCommerce, eliminating the need for time-consuming process creation.”

By leveraging TrueCommerce's NetSuite integration and network of trading partners, BirdRock can effortlessly collaborate with new retailers, such as Target, while ensuring compliance with specific mandates and requirements.

"We are thrilled to have earned the trust of BirdRock Brands as their chosen EDI solution provider,” said Mike Berry, head of services at TrueCommerce. “We are excited to see how EDI has improved BirdRock Brands’ operations, fueling growth and empowering the company to penetrate new markets. This partnership exemplifies the power of innovative technology in driving success, and we look forward to continuing our support as BirdRock Brands continues to thrive."

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