Green Water Labs Introduces Algae Assassin, The Environmentally Conscious Solution for Home Outdoor Algae Removal

Revolutionary Cleaner Utilizes Organic Waste to Safely and Effectively Remove Algae from Outdoor Surfaces

SEATTLE, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Water Labs, the biochemical division of Planted Materials, today announced the availability of Algae Assassin, a first of its kind outdoor algae and moss cleaning solution made from plant waste. Scientifically developed using bio-mimicking technology, Algae Assassin is highly effective in removing and preventing algae growth without causing harm to the environment.

Algae Assassin is designed to easily remove algae and moss from outdoor areas such as decks, patios, fountains, walkways, and outdoor furniture. Unlike conventional home outdoor cleaning products, Algae Assassin is not harmful to people, pets, or foliage. Additionally, Algae Assassin’s run-off does not add toxins to local waterways.

“With our commitment to environmental preservation, we believe it’s necessary to disrupt the prevalent use of consumer products laden with harmful chemicals,” said Noah Belkhous, CEO and co-founder of Green Water Labs and Planted Materials. “Algae Assassin gives our customers a proven algaecide that delivers effectiveness without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing, so it’s less damaging to the treated surfaces while being kind to the environment.”

Replicating the cleaning mechanisms found in nature, Green Water Labs utilizes carbon-negative manufacturing methods by recycling organic plant waste that would otherwise contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, Algae Assassin fuses cleaning effectiveness with environmental consciousness. Starting today, Algae Assassin is available for purchase on the company’s website.

About Green Water Labs
Founded in 2020, Green Water Labs operates with a commitment to environmental preservation through the development of plant-based alternatives to chemicals used in and around homes and businesses. Its sister-company, Planted Materials, characterizes and processes organic waste to create renewable alternatives to petroleum-based materials and chemicals. With nearly a quarter of all greenhouse gasses originating from the manufacturing industry, the company’s mission is to supply eco-friendly, renewable materials to sustainable manufacturers around the world.

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