Glasses Brand EFE: We've Got Your Glasses Covered

New York, Sept. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the development of the eyewear industry, there are many eyewear brands in the market, including EFE.

About EFE
EFE originated in the Netherlands in the 1960s, founded by three siblings, Edeline, Fedora, and Edmund from the Dutch aristocratic Van Basten family. During their father's birthday party, each of the siblings designed a pair of glasses for him, each with a unique style. These distinct eyeglasses transformed their father's style, which made them realize that eyeglasses didn't have to have a single, utilitarian design solely for improving vision. Instead, they could also be a fashion statement. This revelation inspired and laid the foundation for the creation of the EFE brand.

EFE is running in an online direct-to-consumer pattern, committed to providing every customer with high-quality eyeglasses at the most affordable prices, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, reading glasses, and a variety of lens and frame options,starting at $4.99.

What is the pattern of EFE?
Currently, there are numerous patterns in sales in the eyewear market, including traditional retail, chain stores, online eyewear retail, distributor agents, OEM, DTC, and more. EFE has chosen a pattern that combines online retailing and DTC.

As a long-established eyewear brand, EFE not only retails its own eyewear but also serves as a supplier to major eyewear brands in Europe and the United States. Therefore, if you purchase from EFE official website -, you can easily get a pair of high-quality eyewear at affordable prices.

What does EFE offer
EFE offers both prescription and non-prescription glasses for men and women.

1. Prescription Glasses
EFE offers a variety of frame options including aviator, browline, cat eye, geometric, oval, rectangle, round and square frames. Additionally, EFE provides a wide range of lens options, including regular, advanced, blue-light-blocking, and anti-fog lenses for you to choose from.

2. Reading Glasses
EFE offers various types of lenses, including Fully Magnified, Bifocal, Blue Light and Multifocal lenses for reading glasses.

Additionally, EFE has introduced a special campaign that you can select any 3 different styles of frames and lenses for reading glasses at one price $8.99, $24.99, $44.99, $64.99, etc.

3. Sports Glasses
EFE offers a variety of sports glasses, such as prescription sports glasses, and more. Cycling glasses, swimming goggles and ski goggles are soon to come. It's worth mentioning that EFE's sports eyewear can be fitted with prescription lenses, allowing you to enjoy sports with clear vision.

4. Sunglasses
EFE offers a wide range of sunglasses. The cost of a single pair in a regular retail store can buy 3-4 pairs or even more at EFE. EFE allows you to switch easily between different styles.

How to order glasses at EFE?
When you go to the EFE website, choosing a frame and lens type is a usual start. You can also use the virtual try-on tool to see which frame suits you best.

Once you've selected your frame, please provide EFE with your eyeglass prescription and pupillary distance. You can also choose whether to add any additional coatings to your lenses at this step. After making all your selections, fill out your shipping address and make the payment. Then you can simply wait at home for your new glasses.

To know more about EFE, you can visit or find it on FacebookInstagram, YouTube.


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