Québec accelerates the recovery of agricultural plastics

SAINT-BRUNO, Quebec, Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quebec farmers now benefit from increased opportunities to recycle agricultural plastics at the end of their useful life.

A regulation similar to the one covering product lines such as electronics, paint and household appliances has been extended to the agricultural sector. The objective is to make more accessible and reliable the recycling or recovery of plastics and packaging used by farmers. All agricultural sectors are covered by this regulation.

The regulation specifically requires that primary suppliers (manufacturers/distributors) of products fund the development and implementation of a comprehensive system for the collection, recovery and recycling of agricultural plastics in Quebec. From October 1, an ecofee is applied to certain agricultural products such as silage film, tarpaulins, food bags, and other products used in agricultural production.

AgriRÉCUP is the organization recognized to manage the recovery and recycling program throughout Quebec. Eastern Director, Christine Lajeunesse explains, “Farmers are citizens who care about the environment because it goes hand in hand with the health of farmland and the desire to pass on their business from generation to generation. They want their plastics and packaging to be recycled or recovered.”

The scale of the new programs will result in increased volumes of agricultural plastics being recovered for recycling or safe disposal. This will accelerate the progress of Quebec’s agricultural sector towards “zero waste in landfills”.

AgriRÉCUP, designated by RECYC-QUÉBEC as management organization

AgriRÉCUP, an organization that operates as a not for profit, has been a major player in the recovery and recycling of agricultural products in Quebec and Canada for several years. This organization has been selected by agricultural suppliers to manage this program. On July 11, RECYC-QUÉBEC approved AgriRÉCUP’s recovery and recycling program plan and designated it the recognized management organization (RMO) for the majority of plastic and packaging categories used in agriculture.

In collaboration with AgriRÉCUP, companies that supply agricultural products, associations and farmers have worked to develop a collection network.

Lajeunesse adds, “Farmers and the businesses that support them are proud to produce healthy food for us and our families. They also want to contribute to healthy and sustainable agriculture. It is great to see an entire sector and its sectors working together on a shared commitment to environmental responsibility.”

As it develops, the new program will result in investments in recycling technology and systems, which will fuel a stronger circular economy in Quebec.

Programs will be available for the following sub-categories of agricultural products:

  • Plastics used for the preservation or wrapping of silage or hay (e.g., films, nets, twine, tubes and their ends, bags and webs);
  • Bags designed and intended for agricultural use (e.g., grain bags and silo bags, bags of chips and bags of supplements, minerals, fertilizers, seeds and feed);
  • Containers, cans, barrels and tanks designed and intended for agricultural use (e.g., seed, fertilizer, pesticide, soil amendment and sanitary containers);
  • Maple syrup tubing;
  • Class 1 to 3A pesticides and pesticide-coated seed.

About AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms
AgriRÉCUP/Cleanfarms is an agricultural industry stewardship organization that contributes to a healthier environment and a sustainable future by recovering and recycling agricultural and related industry plastics, packaging and products through a network of over 1,500 collection sites across the country. It is funded by its members in the crop protection, seed, fertilizer, animal health medication, and ag plastics industries. The organization is known in Quebec as “AgriRÉCUP” and elsewhere as “Cleanfarms”, and has staff located in St-Bruno, Quebec; Etobicoke, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; and Lethbridge, Alberta. 


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