American Mensa Announces Hour Commitment: A Call to Action For All Mensa Members to Celebrate Mensa Honor Society’s Tenth Year of Service and Scholarship

As part of Mensa Membership Month, the Mensa Honor Society’s Hour Commitment project aims to commit 10,000 hours of service across communities nationwide

HURST, Texas, Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Mensa, the renowned high IQ membership society, continues to honor the 10th anniversary of the Mensa Honor Society by celebrating one of its core ideals – service. While the one trait binding Mensa members is high intelligence, service to community is another embraceable force among Mensans. Kicking off October and Mensa Membership Month, today the Mensa Honor Society announced the Hour Commitment project, an invitation for all Mensans to join its commitment to dedicate 10,000 hours of service this year.

Throughout the month, all Mensa members are encouraged to commit one hour or more to better their local community and the lives of others, culminating with a day of service on October 28, 2023, which is also National Make a Difference Day. Contributions will range from food drives and park clean ups to joining some of our Mensa Honor Society Members with the projects they have created in their communities.   

“As we celebrate 10 years of the positive impact Mensa Honor Society members have made in their communities, there is no better way to honor those commitments than by extending the service opportunities across our membership,” said Trevor Mitchell, Executive Director of American Mensa and the Mensa Foundation. “Hour Commitment is a meaningful addition to Mensa Membership Month, not only to make an impact on the communities of our members, but to highlight our values of integrity and service as we look to welcome new members.”

The Mensa Honor Society's Hour Commitment project is part of Mensa Membership Month, an annual observance of the organization's founding in October of 1946. Members qualify by scoring in the top 2 percent on a standardized intelligence test, and there are several opportunities in October to unlock your genius and become part of the brilliant Mensa community. All month, Private Testing is 10 percent off and local chapter testing is 50 percent off – enter your ZIP Code to find a session near you.

The Mensa Honor Society was established in 2013 to acknowledge the great achievements and services of Young Mensans in grades 5-12 from all over the United States. To qualify for the Mensa Honor Society, members must meet the credentials for both American Mensa and the Honor Society with hours of service, participation in school activities, academic good standing and exemplify Mensa’s ideals including integrity, intellectual curiosity, academic commitment, and service.

Please visit American Mensa, Mensa Honor Society and the Citizen Scholar Club websites for more to learn more about the organization and how to participate. 

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American Mensa is an organization open to anyone who scores in the top 2 percent on an accepted standardized intelligence test. Mensa has about 50,000 members in the United States and more than 140,000 members globally. For more information about American Mensa, visit or call (817) 607-0060. 

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