Vivimu Unveils Groundbreaking Compassionate Care Initiative: A 1 Billion MG Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Giveaway Program

GOLDEN, Colo., Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a bold move to democratize access to quality hemp-derived products, has unveiled its "1 Billion MG Compassionate Care Initiative". This program invites everyone to experience Vivimu’s premium cannabinoid isolates, including CBD Isolate, CBN Isolate, CBDa Isolate, and CBG Isolate for free. Participants can select their preferred three isolates, amounting to a total of 2.5g, at no product cost. A nominal shipping fee, starting from $3.99, is all that's required. To be part of this program, individuals can head to

Bret Worley, CEO & President of, expressed, "At the heart of Vivimu lies a deep-rooted belief in compassion and community. With the '1 Billion MG Compassionate Care Initiative', we aim to extend the holistic advantages of our cannabinoid products to a broader audience, ensuring that more individuals can embark on a journey of enhanced well-being."

This initiative is more than just a product giveaway. It's Vivimu's pledge to holistic health and its commitment to the community. By collaborating with esteemed entities in the compassionate care sector, like the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, aspires to distribute the 1 billion milligrams of cannabinoids over the forthcoming year.

Mike Robinson, Founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, and partner in this historic giveaway, offered, "As we move forward after a decade of giving in the Wild, Wild West Style - which can never be done again – it’s important that entities value our legacy gift to the world of cannabis as Bret Worley has. In 2020, we gave away 100,000,000 mg. That’s 1 billion, this is beautiful."

Vivimu's overarching mission is clear: Make hemp-derived cannabinoids an everyday, household product used for health and wellness. The Compassionate Care Initiative is a significant stride towards achieving this mission, ensuring that the benefits of the hemp plant reach as many individuals as possible.

Shedding light on the program, Kevin O’Connor, Head of Ecommerce at, shared, "Our vision is for everyone to have the opportunity to experience the potential of these cannabinoids. Especially those who are on a quest for diverse wellness pathways. We're confident that our products can offer a fresh perspective on well-being."

If you share our commitment to making a difference and believe in the power of collective action, Vivimu is actively seeking partners at hospitals, non-profits, and patient groups to connect us with people needing these cannabinoids. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and be a driving force behind the Billion Gram Giveaway.

About Vivimu is a pioneering organization in the hemp-derived cannabinoid industry. Based in Golden, Colorado, the company is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the myriad benefits of the hemp plant. With a strong commitment to compassion, quality, and innovation, Vivimu continues to lead the way in making cannabinoids accessible to all. Their core values emphasize the holistic benefits of hemp, and they strive to educate and empower individuals on their journey to wellness. For more information about Vivimu and their initiatives, visit

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