Online shorts spotlight Ontario’s small-town heritage in butter tarts, the arts and community celebrations

Streaming now, season three of TVO Original Main Street Ontario profiles 10 cities and towns

Toronto, Ontario, Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Experience the spirit, traditions and flavours of Ontario communities in a special lineup of online shorts. Season three of TVO Original series Main Street Ontario travels across the province to showcase local voices and stories. Available now on TVO Today’s website, YouTube channel and apps, these online shorts blend playful animation and archival information for colourful insights about small cities and towns.

Main Street Ontario brings viewers fascinating portraits of places in Ontario that many of us know and love. This series offers communities a stage to tell their stories,” says John Ferri, VP of Programming and Content at TVO. “We’re thrilled to share a third season with 10 short glimpses into some of the most charming parts of the province.”

Watch all 10 online shorts on the TVO Today Docs YouTube channel:

  • Midland | Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival serves 200,000 butter tarts to over 60,000 guests. Watch Midland’s streets come alive with buskers, vendors and food trucks.
  • Sudbury | Sudbury’s mining town heritage offers many fond memories. Today, the annual Up Here Festival celebrates local artists, music and murals.
  • Willowdale | Long-time residents remember farms and horse stables. This area is now home to vibrant, culturally diverse community celebrations like the Cultura Festival.
  • Stratford | Best known for its world-renowned theatre festival, Stratford is also home to Gene’s Restaurant—a Chinese cuisine mainstay for locals and tourists that opened in 1970.
  • Timmins | During the Porcupine Gold Rush, Timmins was home to Vaudeville theatres and landmarks like Buckovetsky’s Department Store. Its journey of reinvention continues today. 
  • Almonte | The Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival draws thousands of people each summer. Witness the pipe bands, parades and some of the most innovative puppetry.
  • Port Hope | Dating back to a flood in 1980, the annual “Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny” event is a 14-kilometre race down the Ganaraska River. Catch the crazy crafts and costumes.
  • Collingwood | The Collingwood Dry Dock, Shipbuilding and Foundry Company once employed over 20% of the town. Today, the community is a picturesque gateway to the Blue Mountain Resort.
  • Blyth | Blyth Memorial Hall was built to commemorate fallen WWI soldiers. It was revitalized in 1975 with the founding of The Blyth Festival, which showcases the best in Canadian theatre. 
  • Lincoln | Founded in 1857, the Lincoln County Agricultural Fair attracts thousands of people every year. Learn how the region’s appetite for fruit growing has scaled up over time.

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