United Renewables CEO Chris Caldwell and Sustainability Maven Abel Martins Alexandre Delve into the Nexus of Sustainable Finance and Mining's Evolution

Chris Caldwell in Conversation with Abel Martins Alexandre

Chris Caldwell in Conversation with Abel Martins Alexandre

Chris Caldwell in Conversation with Abel Martins Alexandre

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era where the call for sustainable practices reverberates across industries, two luminaries converge to dissect the intricacies of sustainable finance and the metamorphosis of mining. Chris Caldwell, the visionary CEO of United Renewables and the voice behind the Conversations on Climate Podcast, engages in a riveting dialogue with Abel Martins-Alexandre, the distinguished Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure, Energy & Industrials at Lloyds Bank, and a venerated figure in the metals arena.

Their conversation, encapsulated in the provocatively titled episode "Goodbye, Legacy Capital! It's Time For A Change," promises listeners an immersive journey. They traverse the dynamic terrains of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, underscore the pivotal role metals and mining play in our climate-centric epoch, and advocate for unbridled transparency in the industry.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • ESG in Finance: A candid discussion on bridging the chasm between ESG promises and tangible climate-centric actions.

  • Metals, Mining, and Our Climate: An exploration of metals and mining as linchpins in our shift to a cleaner energy paradigm.

  • ESG Realities: A deep dive into the ramifications of ESG benchmarks on mining endeavours, with a spotlight on the debated realm of seabed mining.

  • Bridging the Mineral Supply Chasm: Martins-Alexandre elucidates on strategies to counteract the looming deficit in vital minerals, touching upon state interventions, the nuances of carbon pricing, and the geopolitical dance of mineral commerce.

  • The Green Mining Vision: A look at pioneering efforts steering mining towards a greener horizon, encompassing carbon mitigation and ethical governance.

  • Policy, Resilience, and the Energy Transition: A discourse on the essence of resilience in our energy evolution, accentuating the imperative of fortified policies and decisive political stewardship.

  • The Resilience Mantra: Martins-Alexandre imparts sage advice on nurturing resilience, a trait indispensable in today's volatile professional landscape.

For those poised at the intersection of business, sustainability, and innovation, this episode of the Conversations on Climate Podcast is not just a listen - it’s an experience. Dive deep into the currents shaping the future of sustainable finance and mining, enriched by insights from these industry trailblazers.

About the Conversations on Climate Podcast:

United Renewables' "Conversations on Climate" podcast, now heralding its second season, is a beacon for those seeking enlightenment and actionable insights on climate change. By amalgamating the intellect of academia with the pragmatism of industry, the podcast crafts a narrative both compelling and instructive. From the strategic intricacies of game theory to the pioneering strides in algae-powered innovations, the show is a testament to the multifaceted approach required to address global challenges.

Season 2, a symphony of thought leadership, offers professionals a roadmap to navigate the climate conundrum. The series, a brainchild of United Renewables CEO Chris Caldwell, finds its collaborative spirit with the dynamic Alumni Energy Club of the London Business School.

For the discerning listener, the podcast awaits your ears. Stay abreast of the latest episodes by activating notifications.

About United Renewables:

United Renewables stands as a vanguard in the climate dialogue, fostering partnerships with academic luminaries and industry trailblazers to envision a sustainable horizon for generations to come.

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Conversations on Climate is a joint production of United Renewables and the London Business School Alumni Energy Club.

Conversations on Climate brings world-leading thinkers from business and academia together to share their expertise on the subject of climate change. Guests include: Sir Andrew Likierman, Julio Dal Poz, Professor Jean-Pierre BenoîtProfessor IoannouTara Schmidt, Professor Dan Cable, Professor Zoe Chance, Professor Lynda Gratton, Tom Gosling, Eduardo Famini Silva, Dr. Linda Yueh, Yariv Cohen, François Ortalo-MagnéProfessor Randall Peterson and Matt Winning.

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