Next Week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition® to Feature Industry’s Biggest Expo Ever

Eagerly Awaited Event Reigns as Preeminent Launchpad for New Products

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As generative AI, people analytics, remote work, skills and more continue to top the minds of HR leaders, next week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition® is set to showcase the industry’s latest and greatest technologies. Alongside a stacked agenda of speakers and programming, this year’s expo floor will feature hundreds of solutions, including dozens that will make announcements at the show. These include:

360Learning – Booth No. 1800
360Learning will launch a new AI-powered skills-based learning solution to transform upskilling and reskilling. The new tool keeps a pulse on skills, allowing L&D to take immediate action with targeted skills-based learning campaigns. This enables organizations to close skills gaps with collaborative learning, deliver expert-led relevant content quickly and unlock their workforce’s true potential.

ActionLogics – Booth No. 2411
Cravety will debut its new offering, ActionLogics, which began as a beta experiment to combine behavioral science and mobile tech for a pilot customer, FedEx. The mobile-based solution for HR manages workflows through a state engine from the world of gaming. Since completing its MVP phase in Dec. 2022, the development team has worked to finetune more than 100 new features to prepare for ActionLogics’ market-wide release.

Adaptive Immersion – Booth No. 5738
Adaptive Immersion will introduce its newest offering, WorkQuest by Adaptive Immersion. WorkQuest harnesses Adaptive Immersion’s proprietary stealth assessment engine to put cutting-edge HR technology in the hands of every human resource professional in the form of interactive pre-employment assessments. The adaptive, game-based assessments allow employers to challenge candidates with realistic, immersive and engaging decision-making scenarios.

AMN Healthcare – Booth No. 6833
AMN Healthcare is announcing the roll-out of its enhanced Workforce Management solution, ShiftWise Flex, coming soon. ShiftWise Flex is a fully configurable VMS with a healthcare-specific focus that adapts to an organization’s needs. Tailor vendor workflows, reporting and integrations effortlessly, enabling employers to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and stay compliant with ease.

Avature – Booth No. 3115
Avature completes its shift to a Platform-as-a-Service model with the release of its latest version. Avature 10 enables customers to design digital solutions where the scope is driven by their business needs and not the software market. Significant changes in platform architecture and intuitive tools give them more configuration autonomy than ever before so they can innovate quicker and reduce lag time between idea and execution.

Beamible – Booth No. 5232
Beamible releases a new Role Design experience as part of its Beamible Work Design suite to help HR leaders and managers capture real-time roles in under 10 minutes – any time. In three steps, employees are invited to capture human-centered data and receive insights on their role. HR partners get actionable insights and AI-generated recommendations to improve productivity, the employee experience and burnout – at scale.

BrightPlan – Booth No. 1412
BrightPlan announces a product integration with UKG that streamlines the flow of employee data into BrightPlan, providing HR and benefits leaders with valuable insights into employee needs, benefits engagement and more. As the first holistic financial wellness provider to integrate with UKG, BrightPlan empowers organizations that utilize both UKG Pro and BrightPlan to elevate their workforce's financial wellness and overall well-being.

Businessolver – Booth No. 2813
Integrating Generative AI within its proprietary framework, Businessolver is improving the total benefits service delivery of its platform. Employees can search any benefit topic and receive a curated response, while its call center can generate sophisticated case notes that include sentiment and risk analysis. The IVR menu also predicts why the employee is calling and dynamically changes the menu in real time to drive a personalized experience.

Chmura Economics and Analytics – Booth No.7512
Chmura announces the release of Talent Watch, the latest tool in JobsEQ, its labor market technology platform. Talent Watch leverages the power of job posting data to provide insights into what the talent landscape looks like in real time. This enables companies to stay ahead of the competition with up-to-date intelligence – knowing who is hiring, where they are hiring, for what roles, with the skills required, and at what wage.

ClayHR – Booth No 3235
With the introduction of generative AI capabilities all across its comprehensive and hyper-configurable HR system, ClayHR enables even more efficient talent acquisition, onboarding and management. The end result is that teams can post positions faster, get more high-quality candidates, interview and assess them faster, provide a superior onboarding experience and guide employees’ careers using a personalized approach.

CollabWORK – Booth No. 314BH
CollabWORK, the community-powered hiring platform that connects users to underrepresented talent pools, shares that it now integrates with more than 40 applicant tracking systems. CollabWORK imports open roles, and then its AI-driven model analyzes each job and automatically shares roles with targeted groups on Slack, Discord and other platforms where passive talent congregates.

CultureLab – Booth No. 314AU
CultureLab is a new Hiring Fit Interview Guide that helps hiring managers prepare to have meaningful interviews around culture fit. The counterbalance to technical-fit hiring that hiring teams have been waiting for, CultureLab takes the subjectivity and guesswork out of culture-related interview questions by providing guidance to both parties about whether a candidate is likely to thrive in the employer’s environment.

Dalia – Booth No. 6814
Dalia announces the launch of Candidate Remarketing, which reengages existing candidates in ATSs and CRMs with highly relevant SMS and email job alerts. The new release helps employers increase hiring efficiency by automatically converting more existing candidates, including quick apply leads, into qualified applicants.

Degreed – Booth No. 2335
Degreed announces enhancements to the learner experience when viewing assignments and when using the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams. There are additional updates to the reporting feature for L&D teams, making it easier to schedule regular reports. With the release, the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams makes learning in the flow of work more intuitive and seamless for both individuals and admins without having to switch between different screens and platforms.

DEI Directive – Booth No. 314R
DEI Directive will showcase its end-to-end DEI Decision Intelligence Platform with real-time and comprehensive data for better decision-making. The people analytics solution makes it possible to gather data and assess the DEI landscape of an organization, benchmark against external measures, understand employee sentiment, measure the progress of efforts over time, collect insights, streamline compliance and access robust learning modules.

EasyLlama – Booth No. 5430
EasyLlama is proud to announce the launch of its own Learning Management System (LMS), which allows users to upload company-specific trainings to its platform. Employers can more efficiently manage and optimize their workforce's L&D initiatives by uploading their company SCORM files. Available as an add-on to any new or existing subscription, LMS users will also gain access to additional learner insights and the ability to filter reports.

Emissary AI – Booth No. 1526
Emissary will launch a new version of its enterprise-grade text recruiting software built specifically for recruiting and human resources workflows that empower teams to reach contacts more efficiently. Using text instead of email increases response rates and lowers response times dramatically, while built-in AI and automation eliminate grunt work and increase efficacy.

Findem – Booth No. 1417
Findem gives talent teams a competitive edge with the launch of its Talent Data Cloud, the AI talent acquisition and management solution that consolidates the entire talent lifecycle, powered by unique 3D data. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud elevates talent teams by equipping them with the transformational talent intelligence, consolidated workflows and AI-based automation needed to operate with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

FOUNT Global, Inc. – Booth No. 314AN
FOUNT Global, Inc. announces the release of its namesake SaaS platform, a work friction management solution that identifies solvable points of friction in everyday work moments and helps prioritize the most impactful fixes. New high-fidelity visualizations, configurable dashboards and a benchmark of 5 million work friction data points help companies make meaningful and measurable improvements across functional silos in IT, HR and the business.

GoHire – Booth No. 1234
GoHire introduces the first recruiting chatbot platform for small and medium-sized businesses, with instant setup and seamless ability to scale to enterprise needs GoHire’s new Apply-by-Text and Text Invites recruiting chatbots allow SMBs to setup and leverage text messaging quickly, customized pre-screening templates, and automated interview scheduling in minutes, with no setup fees, and month-to-month payment plans.

GryphonHR – Booth No. 1600
GryphonHR, a provider of web-based Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions, will unveil groundbreaking enhancements to its platform. These enhancements include a new Form I-9 version and new functionality, such as integrated video conferencing for alternative document examination and an expanded, cost-effective network for virtual and in-person verifications.

Harri – Booth No. 1414
Recognizing that low engagement is wreaking havoc on the frontline workforce, Harri will preview its new offering, Harri Engage. Coming to the market in Q4 2023, Harri Engage was built with three core principles in mind: make it simple to deploy moments of engagement through automation, continuously engage and celebrate employees within the tools they already use and deliver sentiment insight that arms leaders to predict and prevent turnover.

HearU – Booth No. 314AP
Introducing HearU: The Anonymous Reporting Solution. The platform makes it possible to report workplace or event concerns anonymously. Features include anonymous reporting, real-time alerts and expert support to help employers promote respect and inclusivity.

HireLogic – Booth No. 2105
HireLogic will release a new version of its interview intelligence solution for HR teams that provides near real-time metrics and insights on candidate interviews taking place across the organization. Talent acquisition and HR business partners will be able to gain visibility into recruiting operations, including average interview duration, thoroughness, questions asked and even potential bias in EEOC compliance areas for coaching.

HiringThing – Booth No. 833
HiringThing introduces embeddable Employee Onboarding as an expansion of their private label partner solution. Their recruiting and employee onboarding platform as a service enables technology and service providers to offer proprietary talent software to their clients. Entering a partnership with HiringThing opens a new revenue stream and provides a competitive advantage. The intuitive system creates efficiencies in the onboarding process and provides a consistent new hire experience, all while helping deliver unwavering compliance.

Holistic AI – Booth No. 7300
Holistic AI will launch a platform for Bias Audits for U.S. customers looking for end-to-end independent bias audit solutions, simplifying alignment with NYC's Local Law 144 terms. Holistic AI platform will provide a complete audit within two weeks of receiving data, carving out a pathway toward swift adherence to the law. The platform also keeps users informed of legislative changes to promote ongoing compliance.

HRlogics – Booth No. 6612
HRlogics will showcase Clear Verify, a transformative employment and income verification platform offering swift, secure and transparent verifications. Typically, verifications take 3-10 days; Clear Verify reduces it to minutes. The innovative “Verify Me” feature empowers employees to send verification requests directly to verifiers, review their employment and wage data, and download reports autonomously. – Booth No. 314BF
Introducing matchRFX,'s AI-powered platform for simplifying Requests for Proposals (RFP) and RFP Responses. The platform helps HR buyers cut the time and expense of issuing RFPs, attract more competitive bids and identify the strongest match for their needs. The platform also helps HR software and services sellers respond to more RFPs in less time with lower expense and improve win rates on best-fit deals, supporting client retention.

Imagility – Booth No. 3433
Imagility unveils its AI-powered software offering a range of products to improve business efficiency. This next-gen product suite includes Imagility HR, Imagility Compliance, Imagility Immigration and many more. Imagility HR helps businesses centralize all HR activity in one place. Imagility Compliance provides a unified platform to manage all compliance requirements, while Imagility Immigration reduces the time of petition building to hours.

Inspire Software – Booth No. 6626
Inspire Software, a leading provider of people and performance software, announces the release of its new AI-based solution to help companies achieve their goals. The new solution leverages the concepts of situational leadership with the best practices of OKR/goal development to help companies set company strategy and goals, manage their people with 1:1s, assessments, and reviews.

Kello – Booth No. 314BR
Kello is a new web-based app that allows companies to plan, prepare and manage their projects and people all in one place. Kello integrates an individual and group-managed timekeeping system that offers unparalleled frequency customization with project capacity tracking and benchmarking features. Kello enables project-based companies to understand the demands on their teams and employees in order to optimize their talent and maximize profits.

Klnch – Booth No. 314CA
Oakland's Klnch will highlight “Heads Up,” an AI-powered feature on its wellbeing platform. Using Klnch's Human Aspect Value®, Heads Up recognizes when employees need help, promoting self-advocacy and alerting managers if needed. The feature can be customized for various privacy levels, saving managers an average of 30 minutes per team member weekly while only requiring 20 seconds per employee.

Monark – Booth No. 6614
Monark’s on-demand leadership optimization and development platform now features AI-powered immersive role-playing, paving the way for faster and more effective behavior change. This enables users to rehearse “difficult conversations” before they happen. By training generative AI with our evidence-based content, leaders can practice and receive unbiased feedback in a low-pressure environment, allowing them to hone their approach with confidence.

One Model – Booth No. 1707
One Model will spotlight One AI Discover + Guided Insights. One AI Discover is a machine learning platform that promotes ethical, transparent and explainable tech-assisted forecasts, predictions and decisions. Guided Insights is a dynamic personalization feature that offers an almost tailor-made suite of storyboards, tile stylings and content recommendations, calibrated to the user's organizational role and streamlined to slash time-to-insight.

OOt Social Health – Booth No. 314BJ
The new OOt platform provides a social visualization tool and a double opt-in process for the workplace and beyond, enabling employees to build a stronger sense of belonging. This works to improve company culture, social health and employee wellness by facilitating face-to-face connections based on shared interests.

PageTiger – Booth No. 5936
Used for recruitment, onboarding, learning and assessments, and for digital communication across the employee journey, PageTiger will showcase two new game-changing features – On-Demand Generation Tools and Learning Assessments. Both have been developed to further help HR & Learning professionals create and share documents and presentations using consistent branding, personalized messaging, interactivity and learning in a much more effective way.

Payfederate – Booth No. 1231
Payfederate is thrilled to announce the private beta release of its innovative compensation management software platform. Founded by proven compensation software entrepreneurs Boyd Davis and Barkat Ali, Payfederate will enable organizations to develop, manage, benchmark and share internal pay ranges with confidence. It is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of mid-sized organizations with a few hundred to a few thousand employees.

PERKY – Booth No. 321
Expecting parents have spoken, and PERKY has delivered: PERKY Leave is a new digital experience visualizing interacting bonding leave options, an easy, private and personalized solution to their “leave prep” needs. Consumers have free access to show state/federal leave laws based on location and other demographics. Employers can create a custom version, adding their company-specific benefits and workflows to enhance current processes.

Pietential – Booth No. 314AV
Pietential will debut its SaaS platform that empowers enterprises and SMBs to visualize, benchmark, monitor and compare employee wellbeing data. It is a real-time holistic wellbeing index that provides actionable insights for HR execs and managers and growth tools to employees. By understanding the various aspects of wellbeing – drawn from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs – it helps firms understand their people and their people understand themselves.

Polinode – Booth No. 1433
Polinode, an Organizational Network Analysis software platform, is excited to announce the launch of its Talent Networks solution. Starting with a few seed profiles, Polinode is able to map the relationships between those individuals and related people in an interactive network. Using Talent Networks, companies can find influencers in a particular domain and efficiently map and understand a specific group for talent acquisition.

Public Insight – Booth No. 6227
Public Insight launches a talent market report service. Customizable, pre-formatted reports provide time-trend summaries of segmented job market metrics. Dashboards are based on use cases that inform and justify recruiting decisions, identify prospective clients, measure employer brands, benchmark employers and competitors and uncover trends. Reports can be integrated into applications, delivered separately or as part of the TalentView platform.

Recruiter-GPT – Booth No. 314AI
The engineers from Tombo, Inc. are proud to debut Recruiter-GPT - a large language model purpose-built to automate 55 percent of a recruiter’s day.

Remote – Booth No. 2909
Remote debuts its new platform to power global-first business growth. Remote’s Global HR Platform encompasses a suite of integrated products to meet the growing demand for a unified and globally compliant HR system that supports the full end-to-end employment lifecycle. Remote's platform streamlines HR processes, saving money and time. Features include HRIS, global payroll, contractor management, and a pioneering API.

RemoteBridge – Booth No. 7102
2023 Top HR Product of the Year winner RemoteBridge introduces new virtual events for remote teams. Boo-st spirits at Halloween or experience the holidays in 3D; no goggles, downloads or snowshoes required. Get together, play games, exchange gifts or hit the beach and dance the night away. Just send a link and let the immersive 3D fun begin. – Booth No. 6509 will show how its Skills Architecture module creates the foundation for Skills-Based organizations, establishing a unified skills language across teams; uncovering and validating skills present within a workforce; analyzing skills data to create a heat map of organizational strengths and gaps; informing accurate forecasting for an agile workforce; and enabling a Build, Borrow or Buy approach to shifting or scaling teams as needed.

SeekOut – Booth No. 5915
A next-generation Talent Intelligence Platform helping organizations find and grow talent, SeekOut announces its new Generative Skills Platform, a skills system that is powered by GenAI and uses semantic understanding of skills within real-time context, eliminating the need to manually maintain a fixed skills ontology.

Spark Hire – Booth No. 6214
Spark Hire announces its expansion to a full talent acquisition suite. Now offering robust platforms for candidate assessment and applicant tracking, Spark Hire will streamline sourcing, screening, and hiring top talent. With features to automate hiring, elevate the candidate experience, and drive collaboration across teams, the Spark Hire suite enables growing organizations to connect with candidates and quickly extend offers with confidence.

Survale – Booth No. 1111
Survale Talent Feedback Platform announces new Technology Enabled Services. Now Survale can provide clients with a dedicated service to periodically analyze their experiential data and develop actionable recommendations for optimizing recruitment operations to ensure consistent, data-driven candidate experiences from all their people, processes and technologies.

Symba – Booth No. 314BP
Symba will offer a preview of Journeys, a powerful new functionality to its early career experience platform. With Journeys, employers can create custom, automated workflows that deliver content and call-to-actions to drive engaging and inclusive experiences for their early talent. Intuitive to build, Symba Journeys provides clear next steps to ensure early talent succeed in their roles from the moment they accept their job offers.

TalentAINow – Booth No. 314AR
TalentAINow is proud to present its automated online platform that leverages machine learning algorithms and AI to run diagnostic predictive analytics to tackle workforce challenges. The platform generates valuable insight to increase revenue, cut costs and optimize the workforce. Users simply upload their latest data and set up the model before seeing prescriptive results and making real-time adjustments for scenario planning.

TalentSpotify – Booth No. 314BL
TalentSpotify introduces the following features to its platform: AI-driven target achievement prediction, employee surveys that include open-ended questions with qualitative responses analyzed and presented alongside quantitative analysis to reduce survey biases and the ability to conduct reviews through its chatbot TARA, where employees answer questions about their behavior competencies instead of relying on traditional star-based ratings.

TestAssure – Booth No. 6802
TestAssure’s pay compliance solution is now available to ADP, UKG Ready and soon Ceridian Dayforce customers. TestAssure will share how this expands access to its platform and introduces its test automation, continuous testing, proactive alerting and audit documentation to a wider audience.

Textkernel – Booth No. 3232
Textkernel introduces GPTParser. Textkernel has combined the power of GPT-3.5 with its 20 years of proprietary industry knowledge to deliver the next generation of parsing technology. The adoption of GPT underscores Textkernel’s commitment to innovation, as GPTParser seamlessly integrates LLM technology to skillfully map, extract and normalize data, shaping an unparalleled experience.

Trainery – Booth No. 2738
Trainery, a talent management SaaS technology solutions firm, will launch JobBldr as a breakout product module of its CompBldr brand. Features include 4,500+ customizable job descriptions and side-by-side views to analyze comparable jobs, pay equity, competencies and disparities. The expanded features include collaborator tools and help employers easily create and manage job descriptions in compliance with regulations and compensation planning.

Two Story – Booth No. 314I
Two Story will unveil Performance Story at HR Technology. Performance Story is a platform that equips leaders to cultivate healthy relationships and help others do their best work. The platform contains a non-obvious assessment optimized to uncover the root cause of behavior, an interpretable fit algorithm and a practical system to work with people insights.

UKG – Booth No. 3909
UKG will spotlight generative AI enhancements to its UKG Great Place To Work Hub that bring new insights and recommendations to leaders. With generative AI, managers will be able to use a conversational search experience to ask questions and receive purposefully curated feedback, recommendations, and guidance based on an extensive Knowledgebase of insights and best practices based on UKG’s unique and proprietary “Great Place to Work” data.

Visier – Booth No. 4508
Visier announces the general availability of “Vee,” its Generative AI digital assistant. Available optionally with every Visier People® product, Vee makes trusted and secure people insights as simple as asking a natural language question. Visier partners can also embed these capabilities into their own products, delivering their own private labeled digital assistant to their customers. A live demo of Vee will be showcased at the conference.

WageScape – Booth No. 3335
WageScape announces Advanced Filtering, a new module providing compensation, total rewards & HR professionals with an easy-to-use job modeling interface. Advanced Filtering is one of the robust modules in WageScape’s interactive compensation dashboard, powered by its comprehensive labor market data set. Advanced Filtering allows users to model jobs with specific skills and education requirements against a timely, accurate labor market baseline. – Booth No. 314CB integrates neuroscience and AI to create a platform that measures wellbeing through eye movements and facial recognition points while people work. It provides task analytics for users to associate data with their activities, gaining insights into their wellbeing impact. Individuals can log life and health events to optimize their results. The platform's data integration enhances overall wellbeing in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Welliba Booth No. 314BM
EXcelerate, Welliba’s AI-driven Employee Experience (EX) engine, provides organizations with accurate, on-demand and up-to-date insights without the need for employees to complete any surveys. EXcelerate uses AI to identify, infer and merge relevant data from scientific and labor market sources. This augments Welliba data to produce instant global insights on what boosts or blocks EX and drives people and business outcomes across all attributes.

Workerbee – Booth No. 6803
Workerbee, the online marketplace to connect with corporate software experts in minutes, announces Workerbee Enterprise. With Workerbee Enterprise, users get all the benefits they already love, including instant access to vetted specialists, now enhanced by centralized account management and traditional PO-based billing. Corporate customers can access a streamlined talent acquisition experience that better aligns with corporate billing practices.

Worklik – Booth No. 314AX
Introducing Worklik, which fosters authentic human connections through video-based resumes. Think of Worklik as a dating app for job seekers and employers worldwide.

Worklio – Booth No. 5909
Worklio’s new white-label, embedded payroll solution – a complete and robust small business payroll application – reduces the embedded partner’s development efforts down to a simple integration project. The application can be customized to look and feel just like the other applications from that embedded partner. This ensures that the first payroll product a partner launches is not just an MVP but a true product market fit.

Workstream – Booth No. 309
Workstream will showcase new products that automate and digitize critical back-office operations, enabling employers to securely store worker data, stay compliant with HR processes and documentation and streamline worker communication: Digital Onboarding, Worker Records, Document and Signature Management, Chat and Engagement Surveys. In addition, Workstream will add a new Payroll product to its HR management platform toward the end of this year.

Yello – Booth No. 5502
Yello's new CRM feature: SkillsMatch, unleashes the power of AI by matching new and existing early talent candidates with relevant skills and qualifications to build talent pipelines quickly. It recommends matches to open opportunities and requisitions using intelligent skills taxonomy. SkillsMatch can translate positions such as “President of Business Fraternity” into skills like “leadership” to help users find and engage strong candidates.

YuviTal – Booth No. 314D
The new YuviTal Work is a comprehensive employee wellbeing platform that includes the four corporate wellbeing categories – physical activity, emotional stability, social connectedness and financial responsibility. The combination of its triangle of incentives and behavioral science techniques ensures high levels of engagement and behavior change, with full monitoring and communication abilities on the HR Dashboard.

Zeligate – Booth No. 2307
Introducing Zeligate, the interactive solution making recruitment and talent acquisition easier through a smart AI helper that’s available 24/7 to do repetitive admin tasks within seconds: delegate tasks using text and voice commands, generate job listings, evaluate resumés, call candidates to schedule interviews and automatically send calendar invites. Zeligate handles time-consuming admin and lets recruiters focus on more meaningful work.

Zorenda Works – Booth No. 314AD
Zorenda Works helps unlock the remote workforce’s full potential through design. Zorenda Works provides a workspace design service offering a tailored and evidence-based approach to creating functional and inspiring work environments that elevate employee engagement, boost productivity and drive performance to new heights for remote and hybrid talent.

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