Medela Expands Breastfeeding Support with Hands-free Single Electric Breast Pump Featuring Ultra-lightweight(1) and Anatomical Hands-free Collection Cup for Superior Pumping and Introduces New Items in Breast Care

  • Solo™ Hands-free Single Electric Breast Pump Launched with the Award-Winning Wearable Collection Cups Now Available
  • New Organic and Vegan Balm and Massage Oil to Complement Existing Breastfeeding Support Portfolio

BAAR, Switzerland, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medela, the brand trusted by millions of moms*, announced the launch of Solo Hands-free, a single electric breast pump that features the award-winning in-bra collection cup, providing moms the ideal hands-free solution for occasional pumping. The company also announced its organic and vegan breast care items are available in markets around the world.

“We’re on a mission to make sure moms have everything they need to support their breastfeeding goals,” explains Annette Brüls, CEO of Medela. “Our sleek, compact yet equally effective single electric pump, combined with our Hands-free design offers moms the flexibility to pump where and when they need. Moms love the ultra-lightweight, easy-to-use, anatomical design, and we’re thrilled to make single, hands-free pumping available for moms who pump occasionally. This expansion to our portfolio is a reflection of our commitment to quality, performance and more than 60 years of turning science into care.”

Solo Hands-free Single Electric Breast Pump. The compact, single-electric breast pump has a sleek design, offers intuitive use and control with just 4 buttons and features 9 adjustable, pre-programmed levels, which are research-based for comfortable pump settings, effective milk output and personalized performance. Built-in rechargeable battery allows the mom to stay mobile and pump anywhere without compromise in performance, lasting up to 1.5 hours of pumping or up to 6 pumping sessions. Mimicking baby’s natural sucking rhythm, the pump comes as standard with Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression™ technology for more comfortable and efficient pumping.2

When the cup is connected to the Medela breast pump, it provides an exceptional hands-free pumping experience based on the cup’s anatomic design to fit the breast shape for maximum comfort and effective milk expression as well as on Medela’s proven technology that removes more breast milk than traditional breast pump shields3. One of the most lightweight options on the market4, the collection cup is designed with three pieces for quick and easy cleaning and assembly, and holds 150 ml. The Hands-free design has received international design acclaim, earning awards from iF Design Awards, Red Dot, and IDEA, as well as regional recognition from the Netherlands, Australia, and the USA.

Like other Medela pump solutions, the Medela Solo Hands-Free Single Electric Breast Pump communicates directly with the Medela Family™ App via Bluetooth® and provides moms with personalized pump dashboards to support breastfeeding and pumping goals.

The Solo Hands-free Single Electric Breast Pump is now available through online and offline channels across Europe. Learn more about the Solo Hands-free Single Electric Breast Pump at Solo™ | Hands-free wearable electric breast pump | Medela.

New organic and vegan nipple balm and massage oil to complement breast care portfolio
With the introduction of a new four-ingredient organic and vegan nipple balm and massage oil, the company aims to fully support breastfeeding families, complementing its existing breast care portfolio – including the 100% natural Purelan lanolin cream for sore nipples and dry skin5,6,7,8, popular staple of breastfeeding moms and healthcare professionals.

“Consistent with our innovation statement, we strive to improve the customer experience and benefit the planet with every new product. Our new organic and vegan nipple balm and massage oil reflect this goal while further expanding our existing breast care portfolio,” says Annette Brüls. “Beyond offering an organic and vegan alternative for our customers, the balm and oil are powered by the double action of two natural ingredients in their purest form and feature an environmentally conscious practical dispensing system that reduces product waste.”

Medela Organic and Vegan Nipple Balm: More than 60% of breastfeeding moms experience sore nipples in the first days of breastfeeding. Medela’s balm features Double Action™ of olive oil and calendula, each known for its ability to nourish, soothe, and hydrate the skin. Paired with avocado oil for added nourishment and candelilla wax to create a non-sticky, non-grainy salve that is easy to apply, the balm offers natural relief for sore nipples and dry skin while being safe for baby, not needing to be removed before feeding. The airless pump tube is designed to restrict exposure of the product to air, minimizing the effects of oxidation, while providing consistent dispensing with each pump to reduce product waste.

Medela Organic and Vegan Massage Oil: When breastfeeding, there are several factors that can slow down a mother’s milk flow, including if the mother experiences stress, worry, or tender breasts. When breasts are full and/or tender, gentle massage and warmth are known to soothe discomfort and help with milk to flow. The fast absorbing, organic and vegan breast massage oil provides warming relief to breastfeeding mothers with sore breasts, thanks to the nourishing and warming Double Action of avocado oil and ginger. The blend also includes olive oil and calendula and comes in a glass bottle to reduce plastic.

Both the balm and oil are Cosmos Organic and Vegan certified, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, and formulated without fragrance, additives, palm oil or any GMO. The balm and oil are now available for purchase through online and offline channels across Europe. For more product-related information, visit Breast care | Solutions during breastfeeding | Medela.

About Medela
Through advancing research, observing natural behavior and listening to our customers, Medela turns science into care while nurturing health for generations. Medela supports millions of moms, babies, patients and healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries all over the world. As the healthcare choice for more than 6 million hospitals and homes across the globe, Medela provides leading research-based breast milk feeding and baby products, healthcare solutions for hospitals, and clinical education. Medela is dedicated to building better health outcomes, simplifying and improving life, and developing breakthroughs that help moms, babies and patients live their life to the fullest. For more information, visit


*Medela global sales, 2022

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