Tap, the all-in-one crypto app launches crypto on-and-off ramp in the U.S. in partnership with Zero Hash

CHICAGO, Oct. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zero Hash, the leading crypto infrastructure platform, today announced that Tap, the regulated cryptocurrency app bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology has leveraged Zero Hash’s full-stack API to expand into the U.S.

Tap has built a significant waiting list in the U.S. and through the partnership with Zero Hash can now offer these customers a sophisticated and flexible crypto on-and-off-ramp experience, with access to 24 digital assets, including BTC, ETH, XRP and USDC.

Tap can facilitate P2P transfers, deposit crypto from an external wallet, withdraw crypto to an external wallet, crypto swaps and crypto rewards, using Zero Hash’s building blocks of liquidity, custody, and settlement. The crypto on-and-off-ramp front end customer experience is controlled by Tap, with Zero Hash managing the technical infrastructure and providing its regulated liquidity, custody, and settlement services.

“Tap has built a reputation in Europe as a safe, secure, and reliable platform for users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies. Zero Hash’s technology and high regulatory standards made them the perfect partner for us to build the same reputation in the U.S. market,” said Arsen Torosian, Chief Strategy Officer, Tap. “Our mission is to provide customers with the freedom to control their crypto assets, Zero Hash’s flexible and modular platform enables us to deliver on this promise.”

Tap is available in 45 countries and has amassed over 200k users. Its’ customers benefit from a sophisticated money app that grants global access to investing and democratized access to finance, all designed to revolutionize how customers manage their money and trade.

As part of the partnership with Zero Hash, Tap will launch a fiat-to-crypto on-and-off-ramp later in 2023. Tap’s customers will in due course be able to buy and sell crypto via ACH bank transfers. Customer trades will be enabled by Zero Hash’s bank account linking, funding and ACH transfers functionality.

“Tap has established itself as a leading money app in Europe, onboarding hundreds of thousands of users to the crypto economy,” said Edward Woodford, Founder and CEO, Zero Hash. “We are pleased that Tap has chosen to partner with Zero Hash for their expansion to the U.S., reinforcing our position as the most trusted and sophisticated B2B2C crypto-as-a-service infrastructure for global innovators.”

About Tap

Founded in 2019, Tap was born with a clear goal: to include everyone in the digital world. Tap helps neophytes and experienced traders alike to manage their digital assets with ease.

Tap’s innovative approach to finance simplifies cryptocurrency trading making it easier for users to achieve their financial ambitions.

About Zero Hash

Zero Hash is a B2B2C crypto-as-a-service infrastructure platform that allows any platform to embed digital assets natively into their own customer experience quickly and easily through a matter of API endpoints. Zero Hash’s turnkey solution handles the entire backend complexity and regulatory licensing required to offer crypto products.

Zero Hash Holdings, through its subsidiaries, powers neo-banks, broker-dealers, payment groups as well as non-financial brands to offer digital asset trading and custody, crypto-backed rewards and round-ups programs.

Zero Hash Holdings is backed by investors, including Point72 Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and NYCA.

Zero Hash LLC is a FinCen-registered Money Service Business and a regulated Money Transmitter that can operate in 51 US jurisdictions. Zero Hash LLC and Zero Hash Liquidity Services LLC are licensed to engage in virtual currency business activity by the New York State Department of Financial Services. In Canada, Zero Hash LLC is registered as a Money Service Business with FINTRAC.

Zero Hash Australia Pty Ltd. is registered with AUSTRAC as a Digital Currency Exchange Provider, with DCE registered provider number DCE100804170-001. This registration enables Zero Hash to offer its crypto services in Australia. Zero Hash Australia Pty Ltd. is registered on the New Zealand register of financial service providers, with Financial Service Provider (FSP) number FSP1004503. A FSP in New Zealand is a registration and does not mean that Zero Hash Australia Pty Ltd. is licensed by a New Zealand regulator to provide crypto services. Zero Hash Australia Pty Ltd.’s registration on the New Zealand register of financial service providers does not mean that Zero Hash Australia is subject to active regulation or oversight by a New Zealand regulator.

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