D&H Launches “SCALE” 3PL SCS Services, Helping OEMs Improve Their Go-to-Market Strategies

— Bespoke Logistics Allow North American Vendor Partners to Leverage D&H Distributing’s Expertise, Technology, and Economies-of-Scale to Optimize OEM Supply Chains, Accelerate Direct Business, and Avoid Fixed Costs —

HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- D&H Distributing, a leading provider of technology solutions to the North American channel, announces the launch of “SCALE,” the distributor’s new end-to-end, customizable third-party logistics and supply chain services (3PL SCS). These offerings allow OEM and vendor partners in a range of markets to take advantage of D&H Distributing’s and D&H Canada’s formidable logistics, including top-flight technology and integrations, two million square feet of North American warehouse space, decades of best practices experience, and D&H’s tenured team of employee “co-owners.”

The SCALE team can design a 3PL program that empowers vendors to leverage D&H’s core logistical assets and economies-of-scale as one of the supply chain’s largest distributors, giving clients the flexibility to scale up or scale down their supply chain to address both seasonal and macro-economic changes. SCALE is provided through a variable pricing model, allowing clients to pay only for the services they receive on an as-needed basis.

“Many third-party logistics organizations provide a one-size-fits-all approach, regardless of client requirements. We’ve created a solution-centric program, delivering logistics that meet the needs of individual OEMs and vendors,” said Shaun Sinden, vice president of supply chain services at D&H. “The ability to outsource best-in-class logistics through a variable pricing model lets manufacturers effectively expand their direct supply chains, creating a highly optimized route-to-market without having to supplement their in-house infrastructure.”

Leveraging the Efficiencies of SCALE

The requirements of many OEM manufacturers can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year due to spikes like back-to-school season, the holidays, and even celebrations like Valentine’s Day. As the sales cycle oscillates, OEMs can increase or decrease the amount of SCALE resources they use, only paying for the level of services they consume. This fulfills the client’s requirements while eliminating their need to expand and manage their in-house labor pool—which can be arduous and expensive. With SCALE, OEMs can scale up or down to accommodate these spikes and dips in the sales cycle, which can easily rise to ten times standard levels during crucial peak periods.

SCALE’s leadership team claims more than 100 collective years of supply chain experience. Many of them have had long histories of work with other large channel distribution companies. This includes D&H’s Shaun Sinden, formerly a vice president and general manager at a major channel distribution company; Chris Wright, SCALE’s business operations leader who most recently led a global SCS organization and PMO in support of high-tech OEMs; and Mike Abrams, SCALE’s strategy and solutions executive, who’s held various global roles in supply chain, fulfilment operations, e-commerce, and leading large scale distribution organizations. Each has more than two decades of experience in supply chain services.

SCALE is available through D&H Distributing in the US; and also through D&H Canada, where the company just opened an expanded Toronto Distribution Centre, including a Configuration Centre for conducting White Glove services such as laser etching and asset tagging of end-user compute devices.

Reducing Barriers-to-Entry

Many vendor partners have found the costs, labor, and time demands of building and staffing their own warehouses to be prohibitive, potentially costing tens of millions of dollars and requiring years of ramp-up. This is opposed to outsourcing these services to a professional, multi-vendor, large-volume organization like D&H, which has more than 100 years of industry success, and who can help control fixed costs through this alternative route-to-market.

“Six technically advanced warehouses allow us to not only deliver more bespoke services, but to do it faster and closer to the OEM’s direct customers, shortening delivery times as we create efficiencies,” added Sinden. “Clients can start small with services through one of our regional locations, and can grow their distribution strategy across North America at their own pace.”

Manufacturers can warehouse merchandise through SCALE even if those goods aren’t carried through D&H’s two-tier distribution services, providing greater flexibility to vendors whose product line extends beyond IT solutions. OEMs who already do business with D&H can consolidate management and save on in-bound freight costs, using one logistics provider instead of a multi-provider approach. By outsourcing these services, vendors can focus their resources on innovating and marketing their products, instead of on disseminating that merchandise across the continent.

Connectivity For Clients of All Sizes

D&H SCALE integrates with a wide range of legacy client systems, providing connectivity through EDIs, APIs, XML, or through flat file transfers for clientele who may not have the resources for more complex integrations. D&H functions as an extension of the client’s organization, interfacing with their legacy systems and providing visibility into inventory levels, shipment tracking information, and other logistical details as a reliable outsourced fulfillment partner.

“D&H is far more nimble and can provide extremely flexible solutions as compared to a traditional 3PL mode. We can optimize supply chains, consolidate inventory sources, and improve time-to-market. The net result is a far more manageable process that also eliminates extra costs,” said D&H Co-President Michael Schwab. “When OEM clients use SCALE, they have access to some of the most advanced and ecologically conservative packing, picking, and drop-shipping processes in the business. It’s a streamlined third-party logistics enterprise aligned with the longest-established distributor in the consumer products and IT industries. We see an opportunity to help manufacturers take advantage of these incredible logistics resources so that they can stay laser-focused on the success of their direct and indirect sales and marketing initiatives in order to maximize their overall business growth.”

D&H manufacturers can see www.dandh.com/scale for additional details and available services. For more information on how D&H Distributing supports its vendor, retail supplier, manufacturer, and OEM partners, visit www.dandh.com or call (800) 877-1200.

About D&H Distributing 

D&H Distributing supports OEMs, manufacturers, vendor partners, and retail suppliers in a range of markets with its SCALE supply chain services (SCS) and third-party logistics (3PL), delivering bespoke programs to meet the client’s unique needs and expand their go-to-market capabilities. SCALE’s OEM clients can leverage D&H’s deep supply chain expertise, established logistics, sophisticated warehousing technology, and broad economies-of-scale to improve their direct sales efforts, using outsourced 3PL services to create an efficient alternative route to market and avoid the costs of in-house logistics.

One of the largest technology distributors in the North American channel, D&H carries a wide assortment of products and solutions, as well as differentiated services. D&H is ready to fill new market needs created by consolidation in the marketplace. Now in its 105th year (dandh.com/anniversary), its partners can be confident in its ability to provide a wealth of enablement resources, multi-market expertise, credit options, and consultative services. D&H is agile in response to the needs of its clients, demonstrating resilience through decades of industry mergers and market disruption, overcoming everything from wars and recessions to pandemics.

The company’s two-tier distribution services expand the competencies of its partners in a wide range of retail, consumer, IT, and networking solutions in addition to cloud-based services. Its value proposition includes highly lauded training opportunities and partner engagement events, dedicated Solutions Specialists, certifications, professional marketing resources, and an expanding digital Cloud Marketplace.

The distributor is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, in the US and Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada with additional warehouses in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Fresno, CA; and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Call D&H at (800) 877-1200, visit www.dandh.com, or follow the distributor’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, https://www.facebook.com/DandHDistributing/ and @dandh

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