FlexScan+ by nextScan Continues to Advance Multi-Formant Conversion Scanner Market

New technology will enable faster archival conversion of microfilm and microfiche

Meridian, ID, Oct. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextScan, a division of Digital Check Corp. that engineers and manufactures multiple lines of conversion microform scanners, announced the new FlexScan+. Building on the success of the FlexScan, the FlexScan+ is equipped with updated technology to stay on pace with the advancing world of scanning and image processing. The FlexScan+ will be the market’s lone true conversion scanner for both microfiche and microfilm, making the scanner a game-changer for microfiche and microfilm conversion.

“Our team at nextScan is always pursuing advancements in microform conversion technology,” says Rich Chaney, General Manager of nextScan, “the FlexScan has been an industry leader sought by the world’s finest service bureaus because one scanner can handle both microfiche and microfilm. Having the flexibility to scan both film and fiche allows our clients to offer more and larger conversion jobs.”

Utilizing the trusted FlexScan platform, nextScan engineers took it down to its individual parts to see what modern electronics could be added to keep pace with the never-ending evolution of technology. The FlexScan+ incorporates nextScan’s autofocus technology proven on the Eclipse® platform to create the fastest, most flexible multi-format microforms scanner. With these new components, the FlexScan+ will be a trusted conversion scanner that will be operational for many years, converting millions of files.

As the FlexScan+ is built upon the FlexScan, utilizing proven rollfilm and fiche modules, existing FlexScan users can upgrade their model to a FlexScan+. Contact nextScan for more information on how to upgrade a current FlexScan to the new FlexScan+.

See the new FlexScan+ in the nextScan booth, #533, at this year’s ARMA InfoCon in Detroit, MI. Our team will be happy to show you how easy it is to load and scan a roll of film, use the NextStar software to audit the film, and to save the files.

About nextScan
Originally incorporated in 2002 and acquired by Digital Check Corp. in 2015, nextScan gives the microfilm and microfiche conversion market a high-performance alternative to older technologies. nextScan’s innovative patented products are designed and built with simplicity and functionality to increase user production and lower overall costs for scanning film and fiche. nextScan products are designed with cutting-edge components: the latest in camera; lighting; image correction; scanning speed; and nextScan’s pioneering “Ribbon” scanning software, NextStar PLUS. nextScan products provide a full conversion solution that far exceeds the speed, functionality and return on investment of other scanners in the market. 

About Digital Check Corp.

Digital Check is the leading worldwide provider of check scanners and peripherals for the banking industry. Our TellerScan®, CheXpress®, and SmartSource® lines of scanners provide the industry’s most reliable performance with superior MICR and image quality. Digital Check’s software delivers image enhancement and deposit-processing technologies that help clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. Learn more at www.digitalcheck.com


FlexScan microfilm and microfiche conversion scanner

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