Fictional Novel Bares the Consequences of a Nurse’s Gift to Heal People

Local Chicago Nurse and Reporter Launches First Debut Novel

CHICAGO, Oct. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carrie Alani, a dual-trained nurse and journalist, has self-published her first novel, ‘Healed,’ available now on Debuting her fiction writing career, Alani grapples with the reality of a nurse’s duty to save people – an immensely rewarding job. However, what happens when a nurse is able to take away someone’s cancer, their pain, or even their disability?

The novel follows Cuppy Valentine, a shy, humble nurse working in a Chicago urology office where a steady stream of quirky patients (and their private body parts) never ends. Cuppy’s life is predictable and ordered until she suddenly receives the magical power to heal the sick. Word spreads through her community, making her an instant - albeit reluctant hero. But her gift has its costs, and Cuppy learns even the best of intentions can have disastrous consequences. One part humor and all parts heart, Healed is the cure for the dismal notion no deed goes unpunished.

Alani delved into the inspiration for the book, saying, "I’ve been lucky enough to see miraculous happenings throughout my life – what if we could make those miracles happen on our own? The protagonist of Healed gets that chance but learns what it means to have no good deed go unpunished.

Influenced by her personal experiences, ‘Healed’ is a fictional masterpiece that reveals the everyday life of a nurse, who has no limit to her abilities. As witty as it is gripping, the book combines humor with medicine, giving readers a look at what it takes to work in healthcare, and where mundane heroes draw their lines.

“Nurses bear witness to all of human suffering, not many of us get the chance to write about it. I’m one of the lucky ones,” Alani said.

About Carrie Alani
Carrie has written for NBC-TV and ABC-TV, and is a contributor for NursingSpectrum Magazine/ (Gannett) as the company’s first corporate writer. She is the honored recipient of two prestigious Jane Pauley Media Awards for healthcare journalism and multiple accolades for her work in pediatric hospice and palliative care nursing.

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