CloudAEye Transforms Log Management with Latest Breakthrough of AI

CloudAEye Launches Semantic Observability Solution with AI-Powered Log Management

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CloudAEye, a leading provider of AIOps, today announced the launch of the first set of services for its semantic observability solution.

CloudAEye is focused on taking observability to the next level by providing greater insights and visualizations from the vast amount of customers’ observability data. With the latest breakthrough in generative AI, CloudAEye is pioneering the era of semantic observability, where customers are able to use the CloudAEye Assistant that can understand and respond to their questions and give the necessary context. CloudAEye’s Log Management service is paving the way for this new age of observability. Built on the latest AI research, the Log Management service provides customers with an in-depth look into log discovery, log pattern analysis, exception insights (see overview), and state-of-the-art AI-driven log anomaly detection solutions. The service provides enterprise-grade tiered log storage, alerting, and notification mechanisms that are very easy to set up. Additionally, the Logs Lite service (see overview) provides serverless application logging, an ideal service for early-stage startup founders. CloudAEye is announcing its free tier service today by offering the first application in Logs Lite free. 

“Imagine AI models that can detect an anomaly and generate a hypothesis about it by doing a root-cause analysis. By finding the needle in the haystack, CloudAEye enables customers to test fixes as soon as the problem arises,” said Nazrul Islam, Founder & CEO of CloudAEye. Badrul Sarwar, Co-founder and CTO of CloudAEye, added, “At CloudAEye, we are founder-friendly. We believe in answering the what/why/how questions regarding customer's cloud operations. We focus on saving countless SRE work hours by providing a conversational generative AI interface to make observability human-readable. Our assistant provides answers and detailed analysis, automates tasks, and generates content in seconds that would have otherwise taken hours to complete.”

CloudAEye’s Log Management service is now available to customers. To learn more about CloudAEye’s semantic observability solution and its first set of services, please visit the CloudAEye website.

About CloudAEye

CloudAEye provides SaaS-based intelligent observability for the cloud. The AI-powered workflow automatically surfaces anomalous services and provides contextual awareness, frictionless management of an incident, and root-cause-analysis to reduce MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to repair).

CloudAEye has been named one of the Top 10 AI Startups by AngelList (now Wellfound) and chosen by TechCrunch as a top AI Startup Battlefield company. StartupGrind featured CloudAEye as the "Startups to Watch". AI Dev World selected CloudAEye as one of the Top 20 Startups.

About CloudAEye Log Management 

CloudAEye Log Management offers a robust set of features that enable you to use the latest breakthroughs of AI. Please check out this overview video to learn more.

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