Team One Launches New Docuseries - Legacy In The Making

Video Series Highlights Key Lessons and Advice for Building Enduring Brands Amid Economic Uncertain Times

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Legacy Lab, Team One’s award-winning brand consultancy and thought leadership practice, launches its Legacy in the Making docuseries. The video series focuses on five conscious companies and their founders and next generation leaders who are challenging conventional wisdom by creating brands that have a positive, long-term impact on people and culture.

"With the world changing in profoundly new and unpredictable ways, the most ambitious business leaders and brand managers will future-proof their brands by confronting the challenges that customers face as the future arrives faster and faster every day," said Julie Michael, CEO of Team One. "Brands that fail to adapt to these new realities will struggle to remain relevant and grow."

The docuseries was an initiative born from Team One’s Chief Strategy Officer Mark Miller when co-writing his best-selling book, Legacy In The Making, an industry look at how some of the most sustainable businesses are building a legacy that can withstand new and emerging challenges impacting today and tomorrow’s world around us. Similar to the book, The Legacy Lab set out to capture real-world lessons on film of businesses exemplifying what it means to be creating a sustainable business for today and tomorrow.

The five legacy makers profiled in the film series include:

  • Alvin Ailey founded his American Dance Theater in 1958, during the Civil Rights era. As a pioneering choreographer, Ailey believed that the medium of dance was the perfect way to celebrate African-American culture and heritage. Under the direction of Artistic Director Robert Battle, the groundbreaking modern dance company continues to sell out shows around the world while remaining committed to Ailey's vision of inspiring people through dance.
  • Lo & Sons was founded when Helen Lo asked her two sons to help her design the ideal weekend travel bag. They ended up building a successful brand focused on sustainable materials to create a line of stylish, eco-friendly luggage for today's conscientious travelers.
  • Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, two musical iconoclasts who revolutionized the cloistered world of acoustic guitar making, founded Taylor Guitars. However, their most audacious move was to plan for 100 years of innovation by making employees co-owners to ensure their legacy.
  • Me & the Bees started out life as a lemonade stand. However, its founder, Mikaila Ulmer, saw her company's true potential as a social enterprise with the potential to save the world's bee population. It has since evolved into a purpose-driven beverage brand, educating and raising awareness about the importance of healthy hives and bee colonies among youth.
  • The Bluebird Cafe has evolved into much more than just a place to get a drink and a meal. It has become a listening room where aspiring and established songwriters can have their voice heard. By spotlighting gifted writers in an intimate setting, its founder, Amy Kurland, created a cherished institution that remains vital to Nashville’s music scene.

“These mission-driven disruptors are laying the groundwork for tomorrow's brand legacies," said Miller. “Each founder took leadership personally, behaved their beliefs and marketed their culture as the product – they invited their audiences in as co-owners, they defined their own category - and most importantly, they never stopped making legacy – all foundational steps today’s businesses must take to ensure they remain vital for tomorrow.”

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Beth Edwards