Mully Children's Family; Charles, Esther, Ndondo in Canada

MCF Ndalani 3

TORONTO, Oct. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mully Children’s Family Canada (MCF Canada) wish to announce that a concert in tribute to Dr. Charles Mulli and the achievement of Mully Children’s Family (MCF) will be held Saturday 28 Oct 2023, 7.30 PM at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Bayview and 401, Toronto. With his wife Esther and their daughter Ndondo, Charles Mulli will be visiting Canada 20 October to 2 November 2023 speaking in Grande Prairie, Winnipeg, and Toronto. MCF Canada have arranged events open to the public.

Dr. Mulli is the founder and CEO of the world-class highly successful children’s rescue programme in Kenya. Unique in its deliberate movement to self-sufficiency, MCF, “the largest family in the world,” across 11 villages in Kenya and Tanzania have rescued over 5,000 children (2022) from the poverty that kills. MCF (Ndalani), the largest campus, houses, clothes, feeds, and schools about 1,200 beneficiaries.

Come and meet this African family solving a dreadful African problem. It is estimated 9.5 million Kenyan children live in conditions where the death rate is one in five. Disease, starvation, illiteracy, homelessness, and deprivation in the slums lead to sex trafficking, shortened lives, criminality, addictions, prison, and exploitation. MCF over its 34 years have rescued 26,000 children, reintegrating them back into their Kenyan communities with the capability of a dignified livelihood. Rescued children are rehabilitated from their trauma in the MCF village homes that provide education, sports, talent development, leadership training, music, and faith.

Windjammers and Charles Cozens are thrilled to hold a musical tribute supporting MCF. Windjammers, founded in 1993, is a premier Canadian pop wind orchestra. All the 40+ musicians volunteer their considerable musical skills in support of selected humanitarian charitable organizations, offering a great range of pop music. Windjammers will perform The Villages of The Way supporting Mully Children’s Family (MCF) of Kenya. The music program will feature jazz, gospel jazz, and African pop music organized around the villages in which MCF have family homes. Concert goers will not only enjoy a powerful brilliant concert by the Windjammers but they will have an opportunity to hear Dr. Mulli in person and know they are supporting MCF. All proceeds are donated to MCF through MCF Canada. Tickets at $25.00 each are on sale through Eventbrite or at the door.

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