GOWIN Semiconductor Expands its GW1NZ Series of Low-Cost, Small-Size, and Low-Power Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif. and GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation, the world’s fastest-growing FPGA company, announces today the expansion of their GW1NZ series of low-cost, small-size, and low-power devices. GOWIN is introducing the new GW1NZ-ZV2 product as well as additional package offerings for the GW1NZ-LV/ZV1 products. The aim of this introduction is to cater to the previously underserved market demand for compact amounts of programmable logic in small packages that can be seamlessly integrated into cost-sensitive and low-power applications.

In a design space where innovation is limited by cost, size, and power considerations, GOWIN is taking the lead in enabling the utilization of FPGAs. This encompasses domains like high-volume consumer markets and IoT applications, where GOWIN is pioneering the provision of exceptionally affordable and energy-efficient devices. “This new generation of GW1NZ series devices is an important milestone in GOWIN Semiconductor’s development,” said Jason Zhu, CEO, of GOWIN Semiconductor FPGA, “The new GW1NZ series presents a revolutionary cost advantage over competing alternatives, even non-FPGA designs. These devices effectively curtail overall board and system expenditures through unparalleled integration.”

The GW1NZ-ZV2 is a 2K LUT device offered in CS100 and QFN48 packages with more to come. Additionally, the GW1NZ-ZV2 is enabled to utilize GOWIN’s GoConfig IP, a programming technology enabling not only standard JTAG programming but other protocols including I2C and SPI. This gives embedded designers more protocol options to program the devices. The GW1NZ-ZV/LV1 series is adding 2 new low-cost packages to its existing lineup – BGA25 and QFN24. These are in addition to the small size CSP16 and QFN32 already in production today. The GW1NZ-LV/ZV1 is upgraded to support GOWIN’s GoConfig multiprotocol programming IP in select packages.

At its core, our innovation focuses on a low-cost, small size, and low-power FPGAs fortified with remarkably versatile configuration interfaces:

  1. The standby power can be minimized to an impressive 28uW
  2. GW1NZ-2 devices include MIPI D-phy and C-phy IP interfaces for camera and display interfacing
  3. A library of reference designs available to jump start design efforts for quicker time to market

“Our endeavors culminate in a cutting-edge FPGA solution that not only meets stringent cost and power efficiency requirements but also champions unparalleled configuration adaptability through a variety of interfaces,” said Mike Furnival, VP of International Sales of GOWIN Semiconductor FPGA, “Embedded design engineers will find our easy to use GW1NZ series of devices great for their IoT, wearable, and consumer products.”

Volume pricing for the GW1NZ devices can be lower than $0.50. Please contact your local salesperson for more information.

For more information about GOWIN, please visit www.gowinsemi.com

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