Tiara Yachts Announces Return to Fishing with Options Specific for Outboard Models

The best in yachting comfort meets top fishing functionality on outboard product

HOLLAND, Mich., Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tiara Yachts, a family-owned manufacturer of American-made luxury watercrafts, announces fishing module and optional equipment packages available on outboard models in its LS (“Luxury Sport”) and LE (“Luxury Express”) series.

Fishing modules and additional optional equipment are available on the 34 LS, 38 LS, 43 LS and 48 LS models as well as the 43 LE and 48 LE. The aft cockpit modules can be selected in lieu of the standard aft seating package. Select models with fish modules and additional optional equipment will be available for viewing at the 2023 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25 – 29 in the Tiara Yachts display at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center, Green Zone, C/D Docks. Visuals available here: https://vimeo.com/874781593.

“Throughout our history, you’ve experienced inboard powered Tiara Yachts with robust fishing amenities. Now, it’s time for our next adventure as we announce our outboard products are available with fish modules and options,” said Tom Slikkers, CEO of Tiara Yachts. “These features let you customize your new outboard Tiara Yacht with the amenities, rod holders and rocket launchers you need for an amazing offshore adventure with your family and friends on your outboard Tiara Yacht.”

Customers will have the option to select the fishing module on their new Tiara Yacht LS or LE, as well as additional hardtop and gunwale equipment. For a complete list of available equipment as well as a look at renderings for each model, visit Tiara Yachts’ individual model pages and Buyers Guides:

34 LS | Buyers Guide43 LE | Buyers Guide
38 LS | Buyers Guide48 LE | Buyers Guide
43 LS | Buyers Guide 
48 LS | Buyers Guide 

“Our team has been incredibly thoughtful about incorporating all the features you need to experience a relaxing day fishing on the water,” said Gabe Rose, Lead Designer at Tiara Yachts. “We ensured these modules included all-encompassing features so customers can easily enjoy their time fishing without having to worry about the extra items needed to make for a successful day.”

“We’ve always been a cruising company; We’ve had an open-style product for decades that you could cruise on and dayboat on, and now one that you can fish on. Adding these fishing modules has been a natural progression for our brand and provides an extra dimension of usability to our outboard models,” said Rose.

Media interviews and walk throughs will be available at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show before the show opens to the public. To schedule a walk through, please contact Emma Wach at ewach@lambert.com or Alysa Kirn akirn@lambert.com.

For more information regarding Tiara Yachts, visit tiarayachts.com.

About Tiara Yachts:
Tiara Yachts, headquartered in Holland, Michigan, is one of the oldest privately held boat manufacturers in the United States. The Tiara Yachts model line includes inboard vessels from 39 to 60 feet in the Coupe and EX lines. Outboard powered Tiara Yachts models range from 34 to 48 feet in three distinct Series: Luxury Sport (LS), Luxury Crossover (LX), and Luxury Express (LE). For more information, please visit tiarayachts.com.

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