RemoniHealth announces new integrated remote vision monitoring and care management service for eye care in a first-in-kind Vision-as-a-Service platform

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RemoniHealth (f/k/a KYS Vision, Inc.), a Vision-as-a-Service (VaaS) care management and remote monitoring company for eye care, today announced the addition of a full-suite care management solution to its growing vision monitoring platform for ophthalmic and optometric practices. The new services will be rolled out in the Q4 of this year and will add important turn-key extension for eye care practices with assistive patient care modules and on-demand digital monitoring, including the personalized Remoni EyeCoach, virtual monitoring, and disease-specific care pathways. These services will allow eye doctors and clinics to offer superior care coordination, smart eye care navigation, comprehensive patient education, and intelligent monitoring and management of chronic eye diseases.

RemoniHealth provides scalable, sophisticated, plug-and-play care management services to both small and large practices while offering patients with visual impairment and vision-threatening conditions, such as glaucoma, AMD, and diabetic retinopathy, the personalized engagement, education, monitoring, and high-touch ancillary care they deserve.

RemoniHealth is committed to constantly enhancing patient outcomes and improving care delivery in our highly complex, fragmented, and often challenging system of healthcare services. RemoniHealth’s integrated platform seamlessly connects patients to certified EyeCoaches and vision monitors, offering a holistic approach to care management and monitoring.

“There are 7 million visually impaired patients, 1 million blind, and at least 30 million more with age-related chronic vision-threatening diseases such as AMD, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Managing complex specialty care needs and the burden of life-long topical medications, injections, and procedures is challenging to aging seniors. RemoniHealth has built a suite of services and digital health tools as an extension of the clinic to empower a new smart care paradigm with monitoring, data, and patient support,” said Dr. Sean Ianchulev, Co-founder of RemoniHealth and Professor of Ophthalmology at New York Eye and Ear of Mount Sinai.

“RemoniHealth has added another dimension to our retina practice. Patients stay connected, engaged and are very happy with the extended outreach through remote monitoring. It allows us to provide unprecedented service outside the walls of our practice while keeping our staff focused on the clinic work. The service is seamless, responsive, and scales quickly with digital health technology and tools,” said Dr. Avery, a managing partner at California Retina Consultants.

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About RemoniHealth: RemoniHealth is a leading digital healthcare technology company specializing in ophthalmic care management services and remote patient monitoring solutions. With a mission to enhance patient outcomes and revolutionize eye care delivery, RemoniHealth’s integrated platform connects ophthalmologists, optometrists, and patients for personalized, data-driven, and collaborative care.


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