TransUnion Unveils Integration with AWS Entity Resolution

TransUnion's Native Identity Available Within AWS Entity Resolution, Empowering Secure Data Management and Advanced Identity Resolution

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) announced today that its marketing solutions business, TruAudience®, will integrate its identity product line with AWS Entity Resolution from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The integration with the TruAudience Identity product line brings advanced identity resolution capabilities to customers, improving their data hygiene and customer insights while helping to better protect their data by minimizing its movement, as it reads records where they already live.

AWS Entity Resolution helps companies easily match, link, and enhance related records across applications, channels, and data stores. Customers can get started in minutes using easy-to-configure entity resolution workflows from AWS that are flexible, scalable, and can seamlessly connect to their applications and data service providers.

TransUnion leverages AWS Entity Resolution and Amazon Redshift to integrate identity resolution into an easy-to-use workflow. The matching process executes operations on AWS, minimizing data movement which helps preserve privacy and security, and minimize data governance challenges. The new capability can help marketers, publishers, and agencies enhance their first party data, building on TransUnion’s solution on AWS Clean Rooms, which helps clients to more effectively connect and enrich first- and second-party data, without sharing underlying data among collaborators

"TransUnion has always been at the forefront of innovation in identity resolution. As a new kind of customer data platform looking to help enterprise brands deliver better experiences, ActionIQ regularly partners with TransUnion's powerful identity tools on AWS," said Michael Trapani, Head of Product Marketing, ActionIQ. "Enterprise brands need capable technology, flexibility and scale, something that TransUnion consistently delivers."

This new matching workflow in AWS Entity Resolution helps customers directly access TransUnion's high quality data, ID graph, and machine learning capabilities to drive advanced identity resolution use-cases, including:

  • Verify, correct and deduplicate first-party data to more effectively reach customers
  • Link disconnected data sets across customer touchpoints to ensure consistent and relevant experiences
  • Enrich data with new insights to better understand customers

"TransUnion's work with AWS empowers customers to safeguard and oversee their consumer data assets on AWS, facilitates privacy-first data collaboration with partners, and enables the upkeep of precise and enriched consumer information through real-time data updates," said Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Solutions, Credit Marketing, and Platform Partnerships, TransUnion. "Through our work with AWS, we are enabling businesses to harness the capabilities of identity resolution while addressing data privacy – a mutually beneficial arrangement for our clients, partners, and the industry as a whole."

Customers can begin to use TransUnion Identity Solutions with AWS here.

AWS Entity Resolution offers advanced matching techniques such as rule-based, ML powered, and data service provider-led matching, to help customers more accurately link and enhance related records of customer information, product codes, or business data codes. For example, customers can use AWS Entity Resolution to create a unified view of customer interactions more easily by linking recent events (e.g., ad clicks, cart abandonment, and purchases) with pseudonymized signals from with their data service providers into a unique entity ID, or better track products that use different codes (e.g., SKU, UPC) across their stores.

With AWS Entity Resolution, customers can link and enhance their records, control matching accuracy, and improve the security of their data by minimizing data movement.

TransUnion’s marketing solutions business, TruAudience™, transforms marketing and media effectiveness with an end-to-end product line integrating identity resolution and enrichment, consumer insights, data onboarding, omnichannel targeting, marketing mix modeling, and attribution for brands, agencies, publishers, and technology providers.

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