Bloomage Pledges 24-Hour Client Inquiry Response to Uphold Customer-Centric Focus

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a leading biotechnology and biomaterials company, Bloomage has been committed to producing premium hyaluronic acid materials for many years, anchored by a promise of client-centricity. As a part of the promise, Bloomage is committed to providing timely support for its clients, propelling them to capitalize on opportunities and heighten their operational efficiency. To achieve this goal, Bloomage has implemented a rapid-response mechanism that answers its global clients’ concerns within 24 hours regardless of their locations and an industry-leading 1.5-month delivery time.

The company leverages its effective client service system to keep clients informed of response timelines. They can instantly receive answers to common inquiries related to technical consultations, price quotes, or stock queries. For complex issues, a dedicated Bloomage representative will respond within 24 hours. The company’s service team works closely with the appropriate departments to formulate both short and intermediate-term solutions within a week.

Bloomage has never shied away from investing in solutions that enhance client experience. The company has invested 684 thousand dollars (RMB 5 million) in upgrading its digital infrastructure to fortify data integrity. Furthermore, when clients asked for more transparent and stringent adherence to international quality control standards, Bloomage swiftly integrated a role to improve upon that aspect.

In 2012, Bloomage inaugurated its U.S. subsidiary. Between 2020 and 2022, it further expanded its global footprint by establishing subsidiaries in Japan, Europe, and South Korea, thus fortifying direct client interactions and fostering long-term collaborations. Committed to ensureing speedy localized services, Bloomage has stationed and recruited local sales managers, thereby bridging any time zone disparities and making clients feel that Bloomage’s support is ever-present. Acknowledging diverse cultures, Bloomage’s service team operates around the client’s unique work and holiday schedules, ensuring unwavering punctuality in responding to client needs and delivering orders.

Bloomage leads the industry in delivery capabilities, promising a 1.5-month product delivery period, less than a third of the industry average of six months. Additionally, the company can expedite urgent orders for clients within a month. This level of efficiency is only possible due to Bloomage’s advanced production facilities and robust supply chain. The company boasts four raw material factories worldwide with an annual hyaluronic acid production capacity of 770 tons.

In its pursuit to enhance supply chain resilience, Bloomage works with robust international logistics carriers to create an efficient network of air, express, and sea freight, with cold-chain logistics for pharmaceutical-grade materials. Preemptive measures, including redundant stock and variable delivery routes, guarantee on-time deliveries and product quality.

Bloomage's exceptional material quality and swift, efficient services have earned the trust of global clients. As of 2023, Bloomage's operations span over 70 countries and regions, collaborating with over 4,000 enterprises in the medical, aesthetic, cosmetic, and food sectors.

About Bloomage 

In 2000, Bloomage (formerly Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.) took its first steps as a producer of hyaluronic acid using microbial fermentation. After more than 20 years, Bloomage has emerged as a leading global biotechnology and biomaterial company specializing in hyaluronic acid industrialization. Bloomage is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by creating healthier experiences.


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