Kiss the Ground’s Newest Mini-Documentary, Stories of Regeneration, Featuring Commercial East Coast Farmers T.J. & Caroline Schiff

Meet the multi-generational farmers at the beginning of a bold new journey incorporating regenerative agriculture practices on a conventional farm the size of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kiss the Ground, an audience-supported non-profit organization dedicated to promoting regeneration as a viable solution for the climate, wellness, and water crises, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest mini-documentary in the Stories of Regeneration series. This authentic film invites viewers into the heart of a captivating narrative featuring T.J. Schiff and his daughter Caroline. They share the genesis of their courageous journey as they embark on the mission to introduce regenerative practices onto a conventional farm, sprawling in size akin to Los Angeles, providing hope for future generations and a second chance for conventional farms around the country to increase profit while doing the right thing for the environment, water, and wellness. 

The Schiffs are taking pioneering steps in introducing regenerative agriculture practices to their community, reshaping the landscape with innovative row-spacing and cover crops, and opening themselves to regenerative experts and leaders to help guide their journey. T.J. sets the film's tone early, stating his confidence in the project. “We need to see things change; I’m not going to risk losing something that two prior generations have worked hard to give my generation.” This film provides a fresh perspective on the possibility of American Big Ag changing for the better.

Evan Harrison, CEO of Kiss the Ground, expressed his enthusiasm for the latest addition to the Stories of Regeneration series, stating, "I was immediately taken in by the humble, thoughtful way T.J. and his daughter Caroline entered into the regenerative movement, provoked by a conversation with a major buyer. I believe it signifies a remarkable shift in the industry and the overall food system as we know it today; this is a tangible step of the direction we are heading in."

Kiss the Ground's Stories of Regeneration series is designed to inspire and educate audiences worldwide by sharing the unique journeys of regenerative practitioners from all backgrounds who work in harmony with nature to provide a better future for new generations. The organization is committed to raising awareness about regenerative agriculture and its potential to address pressing global challenges. 

The NUTRO brand is a proud supporter of Kiss the Ground and the Stories of Regeneration Series. To date, the series has featured farmers such as a California regenerative farmer, Mollie Engelhart, who sources for her restaurants and uses food scraps for compost, and a Southwest wheat Farmer, Yadi Wang. Now, we are introducing T.J. Schiff’s inspiring story to showcase how healthy soil practices can be adopted at scale.

Mindy Barry, Vice President of Marketing, NUTRO Brand, reflected on the power of the Stories of Regeneration film series. “We are proud to support Kiss the Ground as they celebrate growers who are making the transition to healthy soil practices on their farms. As a brand, NUTRO depends on healthy, natural ingredients to create products that pets and pet parents depend on, and we are proud to support our own growers as they adopt new techniques to protect soil health on their land. The Schiffs are within our Barley supply network, and it’s exciting to see the family take major steps in a new direction to reduce the impact of heavily tilling on their farm.”

For more information and to watch the latest mini-documentary featuring T.J. Schiff, please visit Kiss the Ground.

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About Kiss the Ground: Kiss the Ground is an audience-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting regeneration and healthy soil as a viable solution for our climate, wellness, and water crisis. Since 2013, the organization has inspired millions to participate in the Regenerative Movement through storytelling, education, and partnerships.


T.J. and Caroline Schiff T.J. and Caroline Schiff

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