Future of Digital Signage with LOOKBEYOND23 by ScreenCom

GRONINGEN, Netherlands , Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Join us on November 1st, 2023, at LOOKBEYOND23, an immersive virtual conference that promises to redefine the digital signage landscape. This groundbreaking event, organized by ScreenCom, brings together technology, innovation, and insights to shape the industry's trajectory.


LOOKBEYOND23 features dynamic sessions encompassing Content Creation, Technologies, Innovation, Sustainability, Monetization, and Security within the digital signage world. Our engaging lineup includes lectures, webinars, and discussion panels, each lasting 30-45 minutes, with live Q&A sessions. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:

1. Content Creation: Crafting compelling digital narratives with data-driven decision-making.
2. Digital Signage and Technologies: Exclusive previews of Samsung's latest hardware and software innovations, featuring MagicINFO and VXT.
3. Digital Signage and Innovation: Exploring how AI and IoT reshape the industry.
4. Digital Signage and Sustainability: Integrating eco-friendly practices into digital signage.
5. Digital Signage and Security: Addressing cybersecurity threats and data privacy.
6. Monetizing your Digital Signage Investment: Unlocking revenue streams through ad networks and strategic partnerships.

LOOKBEYOND23 proudly collaborates with industry leader Samsung, offering insights into technological advancements and real-world case studies. Join us to explore practical challenges, innovative solutions, and successful outcomes.

This virtual event welcomes professionals, newcomers, and the curious, uniting them to explore digital signage's future. It combines knowledge, expertise, and innovation to shape the industry's evolution.

Secure your spot now at http://lookbeyond.online and immerse yourself in this transformative digital journey. Explore the future, understand the present, and learn from the past—all within the world of digital signage.


LOOKBEYOND23 is an innovative virtual conference uniquely designed to bridge the gap between individuals and organisations thriving in the dynamic digital signage industry. Our mission is to enlighten, engage and empower, through a series of thought-provoking sessions that delve into the contemporary trends, challenges, and breakthroughs within the digital signage sphere.

The event offers an enriching learning journey tailored to cater to professionals across various proficiency levels. Our collaborative endeavour, brought to life by Samsung Electronics, ScreenCom, and the Global Signage Alliance, aspires to provide a comprehensive platform for knowledge-sharing and networking in this constantly evolving industry.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Ameera Surekha-Groen
Marketing Manager, LOOKBEYOND23
Email: ameera@screencom.eu

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