IGadgets and Magpie Tech collaborate on promoting the VH-80A - Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IGadgets is pleased to announce its collaboration with Magpie Tech, the creator of the first two-way laser distance meter. IGadgets has been engaged to help this original start-up market their improved version of the auto calibration dual laser distance meter.

In today's fast-paced world of construction and engineering, precision and efficiency are paramount. Accurate distance measurements form the backbone of countless projects, from building construction to interior design.

Introducing the VH-80A Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter, the new era of distance measuring that promises the highest accuracy and nine times faster project speed. With the VH-80A, it's like having a personal assistant in your pocket to provide you the power and accuracy of a professional. You can take on any project with confidence and precision to become a true expert.

Precision Redefined

The VH-80A redefines precision in distance measurement. With its cutting-edge dual laser technology, this distance meter ensures unparalleled accuracy in every measurement.
First, VH-80A's advanced auto-calibration technology is crucial for minimizing measurement errors and uncertainties during the measurement process. With VH-80A, there's no need to check the bubble for horizontal alignment. It measures the distance automatically as its built-in angle sensor detects 0 degrees, ensuring precise and accurate measurement values.
Secondly, to resolve accuracy issues caused by uneven measuring, VH-80A developed a new algorithm that greatly improves accuracy, making VH-80A the ultimate measuring tool for your project.
In addition to Auto Calibration technology, Magpie Phase Shift Analysis (MPSA), Magpie Tech’s patented laser technology, ensures even higher accuracy. The MPSA advanced laser module maintains measurements with an error range of just 3mm, providing precise and accurate results.

Unmatched Speed

Speed is crucial in today's competitive landscape. The VH-80A is designed with efficiency in mind, delivering results up to nine times faster than conventional distance meters. The dual laser technology enables more than nine times faster work efficiency than conventional measuring tools. With the ability to measure at any point on the line with just one click, VH-80A ensures quick and accurate results every time.

The durability of a measuring tool in a rough work environment can have a significant impact on the work process. VH-80A is designed to meet the requirements of various job sites, not only in terms of features and functions, but also in terms of durability and toughness. VH-80A features a triple-layered structure: polycarbonate glass, protective seam and dual-layered polycarbonate case design including urethane covered silicone. Moreover, it has obtained an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, making it suitable for use in the toughest conditions.

Application powered with different Modes

By connecting VH-80A to the app, you can manage data and expand your tasks using different modes. With remote control, real-time measuring value transfer, sketch-making, and material calculation features, and the app helps you complete even more measuring tasks with greater ease and efficiency.

  1. Remote Control:
    Don’t worry about hand tremors during the measurement process anymore, with the app connected to VH-80A you can measure hands-free and with exceptional precision by controlling the device remotely. As someone who cannot tolerate errors, mount the product on a tripod and measure remotely under perfect conditions.
  2. Real-time transfer:
    Sketch mode lets you create detailed floor plans very quickly with the data you have measured by dragging and dropping. You can also edit photos and add your measurements onto them. Once you have completed your sketch, you can export it for using the data with 3rd program. Ideal for floor plan creation, sending initial plans to clients and storing measurements for projects.
  3. Estimator (Reduce Material Losses):
    Calculation mode is perfect for projects that require paint, wallpaper, tile, or wood. Inputting the data into the app or selecting it from the records will estimate the quantity needed to cover a certain area with the selected material, helping you save project time and material costs by lowering spend on unnecessary materials.
  4. Stake Out Mode:
    Stake out mode allows you to measure along a length until you find the exact measurement you are looking for. If you are measuring a piece of wood that needs to cut at a specific length, or if you need to transfer precise measurements from a blueprint or plan to an actual location, VH-80A will alert you when the length has been reached to the value you set. This digital tape mode will come in handy in all sorts of ways to help you complete more tasks with a single tool.
  5. Continuous Measurement Mode:
    When you activate the continuous measurement mode, VH-80A takes three measurements per second. With real-time distance monitoring, VH-80A is capable of providing left, right, and total values simultaneously, making this mode useful for finding the midpoint or dividing the overall distance for tasks such as when hanging a picture frame at the center of a wall.

The Magpie Tech Team is proud to produce VH-80A in their own factory located in South Korea. Our team oversees the whole process from start to finish. We manufacture, test product quality and ship everything from right here.

Our team is comprised of experienced individuals who are passionate about delivering VH-80A right to your doorstep. Our team compromises a closely-knit team who have been working together for the past 5 campaigns.

About Magpie Tech

Founded in 2015, Magpie Tech developed the world’s first dual laser distance measurer. They have taken charge of the production in their factory located in South Korea with production capacity of 5,000 units per month. Their vision is the advance in the tool industry into the quaternary and IOT sectors. Their first product, VH-80, started with over $1.5 million in pre-orders through crowd funding. It has become a best-selling product globally, consistently ranked in the top 10 on Amazon US.

Visit https://magpietech.us/ or check the Magpie campaign page here.

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