Mobiquity Technologies Champions CTV's Power in Political Advertising with Advanced AI

With the Political Season in Focus, Mobiquity Showcases AI-Driven CTV Ad Campaigns, Eclipsing Traditional TV Outcomes

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MOBQ), a leading provider of next-generation data intelligence and advertising technology solutions, announces political campaign results demonstrating greater effectiveness utilizing AI-driven CTV ads. The future of political advertising is firmly rooted in the digital arena, and Mobiquity Technologies is attempting to lead this transformative journey. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Connected TV (CTV) advertising and integrating deep learning algorithms, the company demonstrates a robust, data-driven approach to engage with the modern electorate.

Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies, emphasized, "In an era dominated by digital noise, our CTV strategies powered by AI-driven insights help ensure precision-targeted political outreach. An example of this would be a recent campaign we ran across the state of North Carolina where we achieved greater ROI metrics when benchmarked against traditional TV advertising."

By allocating a six-figure budget, the campaign was executed using Mobiquity's state-of-the-art AI algorithms, which mined extensive datasets to identify and engage with key demographic and psychographic segments. The campaign narrative underscored the urgency of workforce training, advocating for holistic state-level assistance in education.

Dean Julia continues by saying, “Mobiquity has been at the forefront of the transformation from linear television advertising to the more granular, targeted approach of CTV since the 2018 elections. With the addition of AI-driven insights, our ability to target desired voters has gotten even better and combining that with one of the most hotly contested political environments of our times, we believe we will see greater revenue opportunities for Mobiquity.”

Elaborating on the technical underpinnings, Julia stated, "Our proprietary AI models ingest vast amounts of data, refining audience selection based on intricate behavioral patterns, past political affiliations, and content consumption trends. This granularity ensures that political ads served via CTV resonate deeply, driving higher engagement and recall rates."

The ascendance of CTV in political advertising is further ratified by industry statistics (from Strategus):

  • In 2020, CTV ad investments in the US saw a YoY growth of 40.6%, aggregating over $9 billion in spend.
  • The definition of TV is undergoing a change in basic assumptions with over 60% of viewers associating it with streaming platforms, thereby diluting the dominance of traditional linear TV.
  • A 2022 data report indicated that an overwhelming 87% of US households were equipped with a CTV device, ranging from dedicated streaming sticks to integrated smart TVs.

We believe, as the political landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, AI-driven CTV campaigns will emerge as the gold standard and Mobiquity’s tech-centric approach of blending AI and CTV, should not be looked at as a trend but as the evolution of political advertising.

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