Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Launches a Bold New Chapter

LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MTLC) today announced a rebrand to best meet the needs of today’s technology ecosystem and ensure Massachusetts remains a hub of global innovation. MTLC, the premier destination for tech companies also unveiled a new look and website to support its bold new chapter and emphasize its commitment to further supporting technology companies and leaders.

MTLC will focus its efforts on advocacy at the federal and state level, increase support for technology leaders as they navigate this dynamic environment, as well as provide professional development and deep enrichment through its programs and events.

“Massachusetts is a pioneer of technology, responsible for enormous job growth, which has been critical to the health of our local economy. We must create the opportunities to make sure we keep this amazing talent here in the region,” says Sara Fraim, CEO of MTLC. “We are more focused than ever on working with our members, policymakers, and other leaders in the region to help cultivate a dynamic, transformative environment where technology companies can thrive.”

Spotlighting Technology Leaders
MTLC is using this opportunity to showcase Massachusetts’ companies, leaders, and innovations with the opening of the MTLC Tech Top 50, a program to recognize 50 of the region’s technology companies, executives, and innovations. More information about the MTLC Tech Top 50 can be found at

About MTLC
The Mass Technology Leadership Council is the leading destination for technology companies in New England. As the region’s largest technology association, MTLC is dedicated to convening leaders with diverse perspectives to solve pressing global challenges and boost economic growth in the area. Through its initiatives and programs, the organization cultivates essential relationships among executives and helps them unlock new avenues for growth as well as inspires and fosters the next generation of innovators. With hundreds of members and partners, MTLC creates a dynamic environment where ideas and inclusivity converge to drive transformative changes. To learn more, please visit

Sara Fraim