National Safety Council Congress: CompScience Launches Comprehensive IoT Safety Platform

CompScience selected for Safety Tech Pavilion to showcase AI-powered software that reduces injury rates and workers’ comp premiums

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [NSC Congress Safety Tech Pavillion] - CompScience Insurance Services announced the launch of a complete suite of features. The CompScience Intelligent Safety Platform leverages IOT & AI to provide customers with a robust risk reduction solution. Clients can now assess, mitigate, protect and respond to potential workplace hazards.

CompScience will provide a live demo of the Intelligent Safety Platform, now with real time alerts, in the Safety Tech Pavilion and in booth #5432 and the National Safety Council Congress.

The CompScience Intelligent Safety Platform reduces the risk of injuries in manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and retail, from musculoskeletal injuries to forklift collisions. CompScience improves the lives of workers while measurably lowering the cost of risk, whether included in a workers’ comp insurance policy or as a software service.

CompScience quickly generates a full suite of causal risk factors. The suite includes scoring safety at facilities, reporting potential injuries with video analytics, detecting critical risks in real time and generating risk reduction recommendations. CompScores help safety and operations managers break the cycle of reactive safety and get proactive with their strategies, while CFOs use the data to allocate resources most effectively and mitigate the total cost of risk.

“Customers tell us that our automated risk assessment product helps them finally get proactive about their safety culture. It’s natural to react to serious injuries, but CompScience gives companies the tools to drive systemic change using their existing video cameras,” explained Josh Butler, founder and CEO of CompScience. “We go live in days, not months. That lets us drive down recordable injuries at a fraction of the cost of other solutions in the market.”

To begin the process of reducing risk and injuries in the workplace, safety, operations and risk leaders can request a demo at

AI Tools for Safety Webinar with Client Testimonial:

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About CompScience Insurance
CompScience Insurance reduces workers’ comp insurance costs for businesses by limiting the probability of injuries. The Intelligent Safety Platform is based on AI-powered safety analytics that provides risk assessment and recommendations to make workplaces safer.


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