Automox Launches New AVR as the Fastest Way to Ingest and Remediate Thousands of Vulnerabilities Across Operating Systems and Third-Party Software

The new version of Automox’s vaunted Automated Vulnerability Remediation delivers end-to-end CVE-prioritized remediation of thousands of vulnerabilities

Austin, TX, Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Automox, the leader in AI-powered IT automated endpoint management, is proud to announce the availability of new, groundbreaking CVE-prioritized vulnerability remediation across operating systems and third-party software. Automated Vulnerability Remediation ingests and prioritizes vulnerabilities from Rapid7’s InsightVM for immediate remediation via endpoint patching or script automation using Automox Worklets™. With AVR, IT operations teams gain confidence that all endpoints are constantly and automatically up-to-date and protected against the most severe vulnerabilities.

End-to-end scanning, identification, prioritization, and remediation are critical when managing third-party software application risk. According to CIO Dive, May 2023, the onslaught of third-party apps is palpable, with the number of apps the average desk worker utilizes increasing from six to eleven between 2019 and 2023. According to Dark Reading, February 2023, 98% of organizations do business with a third party who has suffered a breach. These are sobering realities that, left unchecked, increase risk and reduce confidence.

Automox’s AVR works with Rapid7’s InsightVM to ingest and group by severity for fast remediation. With logically grouped vulnerabilities, inclusive of CVE severity and reboot requirements, fast prioritization and action can be taken.

"AVR with CVE-prioritization lets IT focus on fast remediation of critical vulnerabilities across operating systems and third-party software," said Jason Kikta, CISO/SVP Product of Automox. "Our customers need to rapidly patch and configure vulnerabilities at scale. The new AVR is the fastest way for them to automate what’s been a slow, uncertain, and painful process. Our platform speeds through end-to-end remediation using Rapid7 InsightVM to scan and identify, then Automox to ingest, prioritize, and remediate — all in minutes across hundreds of apps and thousands of endpoints."

Often, patching is not enough when remediating vulnerabilities to reduce risk. Automox Worklets are PowerShell and Bash automation scripts that make fast work of complex configuration changes across thousands of endpoints. Over 375 ready-to-use Worklets are included in the Automox platform, and users may also write their own custom Worklets or use Automox’s groundbreaking Otto AI to draft Worklets for them. Using AVR and Worklets together, Automox customers gain confidence their vulnerabilities are remediated, and their endpoints are always up-to-date.

Using the new AVR with CVE-prioritization Automox, customers can keep all their endpoints secure by automating the remediation of thousands of vulnerabilities across hundreds of third-party software titles.

The new AVR feature is available to Automox Pro tier customers today.

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