British Vogue Selects Chicago’s Yung Atelier for Exclusive 3-Month Feature

Yung Atelier joins several handpicked, notable luxury home decor labels for British Vogue’s issues for November, December and January

CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- British Vogue spotlights Yung Atelier in a special 3-month feature for their luxury interiors campaign, highlighting emerging global brands and artists. Appearing in both print and digital formats, this recognition underscores Yung Atelier’s heritage and unwavering dedication to bespoke design & fabrication, setting them apart in an industry tilted towards rapid production of trending designs.

The second generation Asian American led company boasts a team where 95% are people of color, offering a unique approach in an industry predominantly led by large corporations and non-minority figures. Valuing social responsibility, their apprenticeship program unites a diverse group of often overlooked individuals, providing roles that honor skill, nurture craftsmanship and restore dignity. In addition, the atelier is committed to sustainability, operating entirely on renewable energy, with a notable 70% of its waste either recycled or composted.

Bobby Yung, President & Creative Director of the Atelier, guided the company’s evolution from a mom-and-pop workroom to a conscious and sought-after home décor brand. The company cultivates an environment of inclusivity, fostering diversity, teamwork, and professional growth. This ethos manifests tangibly in every phase of their design & fabrication process. Every masterpiece is artfully conceived and executed in-house, catering to high end designers and private clients with a penchant for tailor-made furnishings.

Commenting on the British Vogue feature, Mr. Yung said, "This feature by British Vogue reaffirms our dedicated pursuit of craftsmanship. Each piece we create resonates deeply with designers and homeowners alike—those with an eye for more than just home décor, but a deep appreciation for exceptional and meaningful furnishings. It's the confluence of craft, beauty, heritage, and purpose that distinguishes Yung Atelier in the arena of luxury furnishings."

As Yung Atelier makes waves in the high-end home décor space, their spotlight in British Vogue accentuates their devotion to bespoke craftsmanship, social responsibility and sustainability. In an industry that's continually evolving, Yung Atelier stands as a beacon for those drawn to ethically produced luxury furnishings. As the brand grows, Yung Atelier remains committed to setting industry standards, delivering unrivaled experiences and products, while championing responsible practices.

About Yung Atelier

Yung Atelier, formerly known as Interior Dynamics, is a second-generation Asian American led design and fabrication company that serves a global roster of discerning interior designers and private residential clients. Led by Bobby Yung, the company's President and Creative Director, the Atelier brings bespoke designs to life. With a focus in high-end furniture and window treatments, the firm specializes in the complete life-cycle of product development, from initial concept to meticulous fabrication and final installation. Each product is crafted in-house, reflecting a synthesis of the client's unique vision and the Atelier's unwavering commitment to detail. Since 1994, the firm integrates diverse design idioms, consistently surpassing project expectations and adorning some of the world's most exquisite interiors.

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