Bees360 Enhances Drone Airspace Management with Aloft

HOUSTON, Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bees360, the top provider of drone-enabled property inspection services powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is thrilled to announce a new integration with Aloft.

The integration of Bees360's technology in drone-based inspection services with Aloft's state-of-the-art airspace management technology brings a new dimension to the world of property inspections. This partnership enables Bees360 to efficiently manage airspace, ensuring the highest levels of safety and compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) regulations and demonstrates a strong commitment to enhancing safety and compliance for the company’s valued clients.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our drone pilot inspectors and valued customers while maintaining compliance with FAA requirements is our top priority,” said Andy Liu, CEO at Bees360. “This seamless integration with Aloft enables us to efficiently and effectively manage airspace, ensuring that we adhere to and uphold the strict standards set by the FAA”

Aloft, a cutting-edge technology platform specializing in airspace management, provides essential tools for real-time monitoring and coordination with the FAA, while Bees360's drone-based inspection technology delivers data and imagery with precision at every pixel to support accurate assessments.

“By integrating Aloft’s airspace and UTM APIs, Bees360 can deliver a programmatic operational experience for drone pilot inspectors,” said Jon Hegranes, founder and CEO at Aloft. “At Aloft, we are passionate about ensuring the safety and compliance of UAS airspace operations. This extends into third party applications like Bees360, as the Aloft API enables scalable solutions to understand and interact with our authoritative airspace.”

For more information about Bees360 and Aloft or to inquire about their integrated services, please contact Bees360 at

About Bees360
Bees360 is a leading innovator of deep learning and computer vision technology who focuses on bringing AI and drone solutions to property underwriting and claim inspections. It is founded by data scientists and insurance experts whose collective background in data science, mathematics, property claims & underwriting provide an unparalleled level of knowledge to build AI-powered workflow and a disruptive business model for the conventional insurance industry. Learn more at

About Aloft
Aloft Technologies, Inc. is the leading drone fleet and airspace management company, providing enterprise services to recreational, commercial, government, and law enforcement customers. Aloft’s patented dynamic airspace platform powers the Aloft UTM and has grown to power over 80% of all drone airspace authorizations since its founding in 2015. Learn more at and for developer documentation see

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