Retrieve Medical Holdings, Inc. (RMHI) Announces Study Results Utilizing Retrieve Dx™ Software

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Retrieve Medical Holdings, Inc. (RMHI), the developer of Retrieve Dx™, a real-time, cloud-based CDI (Clinical Documentation Integrity) application that improves physician documentation by alerting physicians to a patient’s comorbidities and additional diagnoses. Today, Retrieve Medical reports the results of a comprehensive study involving 2,530 patients. The physician documentation in the study was assisted by the Retrieve Dx software platform.

Retrieve Dx, is a software solution developed to identify comorbidities in patients. Comorbidity documentation is often not a priority in healthcare delivery and is now seamlessly integrated into the diagnostic and documentation process. With the simple push of a button, Retrieve Dx presents comorbidities to the physician's computer screen for validation and potential inclusion in the patient's record, if deemed necessary by the attending physician. This study of 2,530 patients uncovered 3,513 comorbidities that can now be properly documented in patient records.

The significance of these results is two-fold. Firstly, an increased number of documented comorbidities (comorbidity capture rate) positively influences the Case Mix Index (CMI), a critical measure that reflects the complexity of cases treated at the institution. This index directly impacts reimbursement levels. Secondly, we saw a substantial reduction in physician queries. These queries, which typically demand clinicians revisit and revise patient records, have been a source of additional work, workflow disruptions, and contribute to physician burnout.

According to Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Chairman of Retrieve and Past President of the American College of Emergency Physicians, "Our software has performed well. This validates our claim that Retrieve Dx not only enhances the documentation of existing comorbidities and additional diagnoses but also elevates the quality of documentation. Additionally, hospitals can anticipate increased revenue due to the implementation of Retrieve Dx."

About Retrieve Medical Holdings, Inc.
Retrieve Medical Holdings, Inc. is revolutionizing healthcare delivery through its proprietary software platform designed to empower physicians in making precise diagnoses. The company's patented and proprietary natural language processor significantly enhances physicians' ability to swiftly comprehend the intricate clinical history of patients, facilitating the diagnosis of chronic conditions by analyzing physician notes, lab results, radiology reports, and EKG interpretations. Once identified by Retrieve's Dx™ software and reviewed by the physician, these diagnoses are seamlessly integrated into the patient's medical record, alongside comprehensive supporting documentation and billing information. Retrieve's innovative software not only streamlines physicians' workflow but also enhances patient outcomes and generates additional revenue for healthcare providers. Retrieve's software seamlessly integrates with Epic Systems and Oracle Cerner, two of the world's leading electronic medical record providers.

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