Counslr Increases Support in New York State, As Need for Mental Health Resources Grows in High Schools

Text-Based Mental Health Support App Provides On-Demand, 24/7/365 Help for Students and Faculty at High Schools from Long Island to Rochester

NEW YORK, NY, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Counslr, the text-based mental health support platform, announced today that it has expanded its partnership with nonprofit organization East Side House Settlement, to include support for five NYC-area high schools.The partnership aims to help meet the increasing need for more accessible mental health support inside and beyond the hallways of the schools within the organization’s network: Bronx Haven High School, Gotham Collaborative High School, George Washington YABC, Bronx Regional Campus and Bronx Construction and Design Academy.  


“We're proud to invest in the mental health of the high school students in the communities we serve, as we are committed to providing equal opportunities and access to services,” said Andrea Fernandez, Director of Social Services at East Side House Settlement. "Utilizing Counslr is helping us better reach the traditionally unreachable students in our programs, so that we can provide the tools necessary to improve resiliency and overall well-being.”


The partnerships will enable students and faculty to receive unlimited live text support from licensed counselors, on-demand or by appointment, any time, anywhere. The initiative aims to increase the students’ accessibility to quality mental health support and address mental issues as they arise, in order to reduce the emergence of crisis situations.


Within the past six months, the need for Counslr’s services in high schools has robustly increased. The mental health support company is now at the fingertips of students and faculty members at high schools throughout New York State, from Long Island to Rochester, with several more expected to sign-on before the end of the year.


“This growth in high school partnerships illustrates the significantly increasing need for more accessible mental health support resources within high school communities,” said Josh Liss, Counslr CEO. “High school students across the country in all types of schools and circumstances face a range of struggles and challenges. Mental health knows no boundaries and Counslr is proud to help meet the demand and ultimately be part of the solution.”


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Counslr is a text-based mental health support application that provides unlimited access to live texting sessions with licensed professionals, 24/7/365. Users can access support on-demand within two minutes of opening the app, or by scheduled appointment. Through real-time texting, users enjoy one-on-one, private communication with a licensed counselor that can be conducted anytime, anywhere. Counslr was designed to help individuals deal with life’s day-to-day issues, empowering individuals to address concerns while they are small to help ensure that they stay small. As the only mental health platform that offers unlimited availability to live sessions with licensed counselors without a direct fee-for-service, Counslr offers its partners the most qualified, accessible, cost-effective, highly-scalable mental health solution for organizations of any size. Counslr partners with organizations of all shapes and sizes  (companies, unions, nonprofits, universities/colleges, high schools, etc)  so that these entities can provide Counslr’s services to their employees/students at no direct cost. For more information, please visit Counslr:


Counslr Increases Support in New York State, As Need for Mental Health Resources Grows in High Schools Counslr Increases Support in New York State, As Need for Mental Health Resources Grows in High Schools

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