Host of Canadian Justice, Canada’s #1 Legal Program, Christine Van Geyn Releases New Book: Pandemic Panic

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The News Forum is proud to announce the host of Canadian Justice, Christine Van Geyn, is releasing a new book entitled “Pandemic Panic: How Canadian Government Responses to COVID-19 Changed Civil Liberties Forever”. The book is now available for pre-order, and is already on the Amazon best seller list in the categories of civil rights, government and politics and healthcare current events. Van Geyn and her co-author Joanna Baron, both lawyers with the Canadian Constitution Foundation, will be hosting a 1-hour special on Canadian Justice on November 3 to expand on the various issues in the book.

Canadian Justice airs on The News Forum Monday to Friday at 8PM ET. On the nightly prime time show Van Geyn interviews lawyers and legal scholars on a range of legal topics and cases of public importance.

Pandemic Panic: How Canadian Government Responses to COVID-19 Changed Civil Liberties Forever, is available on Amazon for preorder now:

“Pandemic Panic does a deep dive into COVID-era legal cases. These cases have been of significant importance to Canadians trying to better understand the challenges many experienced. This book gives the reader a legal context for many of the COVID policies. We are sure Christine and Joanna’s new book will give the reader a deeper understanding of Canadian law coming out of the pandemic and the impact these cases may have on future policy,” said The News Forum Founder, Tore Stautland. “We are so proud of Christine’s accomplishment publishing this new book about the pandemic and how it affected Canadian law.”

Readers will learn what went wrong during the pandemic from the nuanced perspective of constitutional experts – when government reactions were over the top, and when the courts failed to correct government overreach. The book presents a balanced perspective, which allows readers to come to their own conclusions.

The book will be published in October by Optimum Publishing International and features a foreword by Preston Manning.

“If we forget history, it will repeat itself and the government can violate our rights with impunity. Reading this book will help to ensure those violations do not happen again, or if governments attempt them, there will be an informed citizenry to push back,” remarked Van Geyn. “I’m looking forward to telling viewers of Canadian Justice more about this book during our one-hour special on November 3,” concluded Van Geyn.


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