SEIU Local 2: Workers to picket Pete’s Frootique in Halifax as Sobey’s refuses to offer fair wages

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After months of bargaining and with the last talks scheduled for October 30, the workers of Pete’s Frootique in downtown Halifax have gone public with their frustrations.

“Pete’s workers struggle to afford the bare essentials of life,” says Nicholle Savoie, one of the employees. “We have been waiting for a fair contract since we voted to unionize in May 2022; we have waited long enough.”

After handing out information flyers yesterday, workers will be hosting a larger information picket and solidarity rally on the weekend to build community support in their fight for fair wages and to stand up to corporate greed.

WHAT:Information picket & solidarity rally
with Pete’s Frootique workers

WHEN: Saturday, October 28
11am to 3pm AT.
Speeches will begin around 12pm.

WHERE: Outside the main entrance to Pete’s Frootique 1515 Dresden Row, Halifax

Workers voted overwhelmingly to join the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2 in May 2022. They were forced to wait for close to a year for the results of the vote as Sobey’s, owners of Pete’s Frootique, challenged the rights of several workers to be part of the Union at the Labour Board. In March 2023 Sobey’s finally dropped their challenge recognizing the rights of those workers. A year and a half after the vote to join SEIU and more than six months after the ballots were finally counted, workers continue to wait for a fair offer with decent wages.

Sobeys (Empire Co), a retail food giant that has continued to make profits throughout the pandemic. All workers at this location make minimum wage including those who have over ten years of service.

SEIU Local 2 represents 20,000 workers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia, , and Alberta. We are proud members of the largest, fastest growing and most dynamic union in North America.

Media Contact:
Tina Oh, Union Organizer with SEIU Local 2
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