Planatome Secures $6 Million Capital Investment

Funds will be used for commercialization and expansion

PHOENIX, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Planatome, a medical device company that applies atomic-level polishing from the semiconductor industry to create advanced surgical blades that lead to better patient outcomes, today announced the closing of its $5M Series A equity investment round. The company also announced that it secured an additional $1 million convertible venture debt commitment.

Planatome will use the funds to hire top-level commercial talent for its cutting-edge products, expand manufacturing capacity, and create new business lines by deploying its proprietary polishing technology to a variety of surgical cutting instruments.

"Our momentum is building, and this funding will fuel market activation by enabling us to reach more surgeons, as well as more rapidly expand additional product design efforts," said David Husband, Planatome’s chief financial officer. “During the early Covid lockdowns, with virtually all surgical procedures canceled or delayed, we utilized the time to further refine our blade design for the benefit of surgeons as well as patients. Now, with this investment in hand, great surgeon feedback and the healthcare industry back to normal, we are well prepared for rapid growth.”

“Our technology is elegant in its simplicity. For medical and non-medical persons alike, it has remarkable, widespread appeal since it is so highly intuitive – we’ve removed jagged features that saw through tissue, which produces a much-improved healing response,” said Tim Tobin, Planatome’s chief executive officer. “This is a pivotal stage in our company’s evolution as we expand Planatome’s reach and introduce additional highly refined products that will set new standards of patient care on a global basis and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Planatome’s patented surface modification technology is based on chemical mechanical planarization, a process used to planarize silicon wafers in advanced chip manufacturing. When applied in the medical field, this dramatically improves the surface smoothness of surgical blades by a factor of 1,000 or more. These blades have proven to be a low-trauma, high-precision surgical tool. Data has shown that surgeons who use Planatome blades see less soft tissue damage at the incision, less closing resistance, cleaner margins, and fewer complications. Their patients experience less inflammation, less pain, and faster healing with less scarring. The blades have approval for use in the United States and South Korea and have recently been approved for use by several hospitals and surgicenters.

The company will actively leverage its technology for other medical device applications, including surgical scissors, laparoscopic tools, and robotic end effectors. Planatome’s technology can also be adapted and applied to a number of industries with a wide range of products that could benefit from having an atomically smooth surface.

Planatome blades are now in production and may be purchased from Planatome directly. For more information, visit

To learn more about Planatome, follow the company on LinkedIn: Planatome.

About Planatome, LLC
Founded in 2017 by leaders from the medical device and semiconductor industries, Planatome is a medical device technology company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has patented a surface modification technology based on chemical mechanical planarization (CMP); a process used in advanced semiconductor chip manufacturing. Currently, the company uses this proprietary polishing technology to create smooth, low trauma, high precision surgical blades. The blades are in trial with surgeons around the country, which to date, have revealed the blades improve surgical procedures and patient outcomes. The company has new uses for its nano-polishing technology, both in and out of the medical device market. For more information, please visit

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