Safetrust Welcomes Christopher Stone to its Board of Directors

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safetrust, a leading provider of secure virtual credential solutions, announces the appointment of Christopher Stone to its board of directors. With an impressive track record in the technology industry, Stone has made an impact as a pioneer in open source and company transformation. His illustrious career includes serving as SVP of Engineering/Product Development at Oracle, as Chief Products Officer at Acquia, and holding the Vice Chairman/CEO office position at Novell. In addition to his notable roles in these prominent companies, Chris has been involved as an investor and serves on multiple boards in the industry, further demonstrating his commitment to and influence in the tech sector.

Throughout his professional journey, Stone has demonstrated a keen understanding of industry trends, innovation, and business development, making him an invaluable asset to the Safetrust board. Stone's appointment is a strategic move by Safetrust to further strengthen its leadership team with a visionary who has been at the forefront of technological advancements.

"Safetrust has experienced significant growth in the last three years. During this time, we've restructured our company to focus on delivering high-quality products and services," said Jason Hart, Founder and CEO of Safetrust. "Additionally, we've expanded our board by welcoming individuals with a proven governance, mentorship, and leadership track record within their respective industries. We are delighted to announce that Chris has accepted a position on our board, bringing his substantial expertise to support our rapidly growing company. I look forward to his guidance. Chris's addition to our board comes at a pivotal moment of expansion, and his contributions will benefit not only our investors but also the entire company."

"I am joining Safetrust's board at a time of remarkable momentum and growing interest in its identity management and IoT solutions,” Stone commented. “Jason and his team have established themselves as thought leaders in the rapidly converging domains of security, mobile identities, data analytics, and IoT. I am honored to be part of this exceptional team and eagerly anticipate the forthcoming successes."

About Safetrust
Safetrust offers a comprehensive managed ecosystem that enables highly secure global identities to be deployed while enhancing the access experience in modern workplaces. Employees can securely navigate through various access points, such as secure doors, elevators, and turnstiles, by utilizing virtual credentials that can be conveniently stored in mobile phones or wearables.

Safetrust eliminates the need to replace access readers by leveraging existing infrastructure, allowing centralized device management and providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade path to secure virtual credentials. Safetrust also offers a network-enabled reader with advanced sensor capabilities that blend conventional RFID and mobile credential technology, specifically designed for greenfield buildings. To learn more about how Safetrust can enhance your workplace's secure managed ecosystem, visit

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