Andira Pharmaceuticals Achieves Remarkable Breast Cancer Tumor Regression with Lead Oncology Candidate XOXO4

Opportunity to invest in Canadian health science firm pioneering innovative treatments for breast cancer is now open globally to eligible investors.

San Francisco, California, USA, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- US Capital Global Securities LLC, an affiliate of US Capital Global, recently launched an investment opportunity of up to $5 million in Canadian health science pioneer Andira Pharmaceuticals (“Andira” or the “Company”). Andira, a private pharmaceutical development company dedicated to improving lives and addressing critical illnesses, has announced a significant milestone in the fight against breast cancer.

Andira’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Dana Lambert, revealed, “The Company has achieved extraordinary validation of the efficacy of our lead breast cancer formula, XOXO4, at the University of British Columbia.” The groundbreaking research results demonstrate successful regression of human breast cancer tumors following topical treatment with XOXO4, a cannabinoid formula, in a particular model of breast cancer. Equally significant, the latest research results also reveal that XOXO4 outperformed all eight FDA-approved breast cancer-specific chemotherapy drugs included in the study and showed greatly improved cancer-fighting effects when combined with approved breast cancer treatments.

North American women have a 1 in 8 chance, or 12.9 percent lifetime risk, of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The US-based National Breast Cancer Center reports in 2020 that 685,000 people died from breast cancer worldwide, more than one person per minute. The primary cause of death in breast cancer patients is the development of lethal metastatic lesions, which occur when cancer cells from the primary tumor spread and grow at distant sites in the body.

Andira Pharmaceuticals, driven by a mission to leverage natural drug substances to enhance healthcare outcomes, is advancing urgently needed solutions across three critical areas: hospital-acquired infections, oncology, and dermatology. The Company’s lead oncology candidate, XOXO4, is a patent-pending treatment being developed for estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer, the most common form of the disease. Dr. Lambert explained, “XOXO4, intended for adjunctive use alongside conventional breast cancer therapies, holds immense promise for transforming cancer care and improving patient outcomes.”

The pioneering research that has led to this remarkable breakthrough is being led by Karla Williams, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Oncology.

Dr. Williams indicated, “Based on the therapeutics we were testing, we expected that the tumors would show some reduction in growth. What we didn’t expect was the dramatic response that was obvious to the naked eye within days. We found that the tumor growth was slowed and there was visible shrinking of the total tumor mass. It was an impressive response. Because our research is also demonstrating that the cannabinoid compound is improving the anti-cancer effects of commonly used chemotherapy drugs, we think that our work could potentially lead to transformative changes to the way we approach breast cancer therapy.” The research project is ongoing in the Williams lab, the findings have not been peer-reviewed and are yet to published.

XOXO4, designed for topical application, includes an advanced transdermal technology shown to boost cannabinoid permeation through the skin by up to 300%. Using this unique delivery system, XOXO4 is designed to provide direct, localized delivery of cannabinoids to breast tumors following topical application to the overlying skin. The advantages of localized drug delivery are well established in medicine, and generally include maximizing a treatment’s impact at the site of action, along with fewer side effects owing to less overall drug exposure within the body.

Dr. Lambert stated, “The validation of efficacy achieved in Dr. Williams’s laboratory is nothing short of groundbreaking. Witnessing the regression of human breast tumors in this important study gives us great hope that XOXO4 will do something meaningful for people battling this devastating disease.”

“We are delighted to be supporting Andira in its pioneering work of revolutionizing the treatment of breast cancer,” said Lisa Terk, Senior Vice President at US Capital Global. “Andira remains committed to advancing XOXO4 into clinical treatment as quickly as possible and intends to apply for IND approval by the US FDA in early 2025. If you are interested in investing in Andira, the opportunity to participate in the Company’s $5 million equity offering is now open to eligible investors.”

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Andira Pharmaceuticals Achieves Remarkable Breast Cancer Tumor Regression with Lead Oncology Candidate XOXO4

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