Revolutionise Your Digital World: Unveiling the Future of Digital Signage at LOOKBEYOND23 with ScreenCom

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScreenCom, in collaboration with Samsung, is set to shatter expectations with LOOKBEYOND23, a virtual conference on November 1st, 2023, aimed to revolutionise the digital signage industry.

LOOKBEYOND23 is a virtual symposium featuring a variety of dynamic sessions, including Content Creation, Sustainability, Innovation, Technologies, Monetisation, and Security in digital signage. Virtual attendees can enjoy 30-45 minute lectures, webinars, and discussion panels, followed by live Q&A sessions.

The event promises exclusive insights into Samsung's latest hardware and software innovations, including MagicINFO and VXT, and explores how AI and IoT are reshaping digital signage. Attendees will also learn how to craft compelling digital narratives, using data-driven decision-making, integrate eco-friendly practices into digital signage, address cybersecurity threats, and unlock revenue streams via ad networks and strategic partnerships.

LOOKBEYOND23 is a unique opportunity for professionals, newcomers, and those with a keen interest in the field to come together and envision the future of digital signage. Whether you're an end-user looking to elevate your signage skills or a business partner striving to lead in the competitive digital signage market, this event is your golden ticket.

This event is specifically curated for those interested in leveraging the Samsung smart signage platform and understanding the intricacies of MagicINFO and VXT. It's here where Samsung signage experts, MagicINFO/VXT users, and customers converge to share knowledge, inspire each other, and grow in the expansive digital signage ecosystem.

LOOKBEYOND23 aspires to bridge the gap between individuals and organisations in the dynamic digital signage industry. It's a combined effort by Samsung Electronics, ScreenCom, and the Global Signage Alliance, dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform for knowledge-sharing and networking in this rapidly evolving industry.

Join us at LOOKBEYOND23, the event that shapes the future of digital signage. Secure your spot now and embark on this transformative digital journey. Explore the future, understand the present, and learn from the past—all within the world of digital signage.


LOOKBEYOND23 is a virtual event designed to bridge the gap between individuals and organizations thriving in the digital signage industry. Powered by Samsung Electronics, ScreenCom, and the GSA, the event aims to enlighten, engage, and empower attendees through thought-provoking sessions exploring the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in the digital signage world.

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Ameera Surekha-Groen
Marketing Manager, LOOKBEYOND23

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