Alabama Futures Fund Invests in CModel Data, Inc.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alabama Futures Fund (“AFF” or the “Fund”) recently placed an investment in CModel Data, Inc. (“CModel” or “Company”). Formerly, based in San Francisco, California, CModel is developing a data modeling and business intelligence tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (“AI”) to apply native, curated data and client-generated data to perform business strategy simulations. The CModel platform allows business managers to determine the actions required to achieve specific business outcomes.

In connection with the investment from AFF, CModel and its CEO, Teasha Cable, will relocate the Company’s headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama.

Businesses have been investing huge sums of money and resources in collecting, curating, analyzing and storing data. Data is at the center of the Business Intelligence market which, according to Future Market Insights Global and Consulting, is expected to be a $56 billion-dollar annual market by 2033 with a 7.1% CAGR rate.

CModel has developed a cloud-based software platform named “CORA”. CORA is, effectively, a personification of the Company’s software platform capabilities and functions that utilizes historical client-generated data, generative AI and input from human experts, including curated data from a collection of best practices provided by industry experts in business management. Users interact with CORA through a typed prompt interface. Once a prompt is entered, CORA asks a series of questions of the user that start as generalized, high-level questions with multiple-choice answers and then drill down into more granular inquiries. Based on the answers provided by the user, CORA will then run simulations to illustrate what business conditions need to be met to achieve the desired outcomes.

CModel was recruited to Birmingham through the combined efforts of AFF and Birmingham Bound.

According to Ms. Cable, relocating to Birmingham represents a compelling and unique opportunity for CModel, “Relocating our company to Alabama marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. With our recent investment from AFF and the support of Redhawk Advisory as a trusted partner, we are poised to unlock unprecedented growth and innovation. Birmingham’s vibrant startup environment and Alabama’s strategic location are the perfect ingredients for our company's success. We look forward to creating a brighter future, both for our business and the local community.”

This represents the nineteenth investment from AFF since the Fund launched in Q3 of 2018. Redhawk Advisory, LLC (“Redhawk”) serves as the investment manager of AFF and advised AFF on the CModel investment.

Redhawk Partner Matt Hottle shared his enthusiasm about CModel, “CModel represents a startup that will truly move the needle for its customers. Augmented Intelligence platforms like CORA are, usually, financially unattainable for mid-market businesses. Combining the latest AI and machine learning technology with modeling simulations that will help businesses make better decisions, faster, is a game-changer.”

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