JOBLO MEDIA founder joins local Montréal pinball company NORTH STAR COIN MACHINE CO. to fund expansion

MONTREAL, Oct. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NORTH STAR COIN MACHINE CO. closes new funding round from Montréal internet entrepreneur Berge Garabedian, CEO and founder of the 25-year-old popular internet movie destination as well as its massive YouTube network.

NORTH STAR COIN MACHINE CO. brings a unique, modern take on the Amusement operation business, bringing digital savvy, high brand values and high touch customer service to the new burgeoning era of arcade amusements. Post working with the City of Montréal to make pinball legal after decades of laws against it, they have expanded to operate pinball and arcade machines in multiple locations, including Time Out Market, Centre Bell, and Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, amongst others.

Mr. Garabedian joins Charles Bombardier and Justin Evans (co-founder of who invested in previous rounds, as well as the core executive team of Adam Kiesler and Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon.

“The world is in a bad place these days. People want to get away and just let loose, enjoy the day-to-day and that’s where a company like North Star comes in. I’m very proud to be a part of a team who’ve being doing an incredible job of cultivating happiness in the world, while building a highly profitable business at the same time. Watching their accelerated growth after surviving the Covid shutdowns has gotten me very excited to join this team and help them reach the next level.” - Berge Garabedian

This round will help further expand NORTH STAR COIN MACHINE CO.’s footprint at Montreal-Trudeau international Airport, increase its presence in multiple Montréal brew pubs, and enable the launch of a new large scale arcade location in Montréal.


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