EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems Inc. Announces the Release of Axon Patient Engagement at AAO 2023

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EyeMD EMR, a leading provider of clinical software solutions designed specifically for eye care, proudly announced the launch of Axon, a 3rd Generation Patient Engagement System that extends the functionality of their suite of products. This innovative solution empowers clinicians to digitally interact with their patients outside of the clinical setting to improve efficiencies, create opportunities, and enhance quality of care.

Axon builds on the functionality of previous generation systems by leveraging clinical insights to drive patient communication automation. Patient captured images and clinical data are leveraged to create workflow efficiencies for the practice. Business communication platform-inspired patient interactions increase patient satisfaction and open the door for dialogue not previously possible in a traditional healthcare setting.

“Everybody wins with Axon,” said EyeMD EMR CEO Abdiel Marin. “The patient wins by being given an opportunity to enter and review clinical facts in a more comfortable setting and being better informed of care options that are available to them. Caregivers win by not having to worry if their loved one can get through the intake process when they cannot take time off work. Clinicians win by having additional patient communication options, significantly reducing time-consuming data entry, and being prompted with patient-reviewed data corrections. Administrative staff win by not being overwhelmed with the seemingly endless amounts of paperwork and complicated processes. Axon delivers on all five goals set by the HITECH Act,” Marin added.

“We’ve examined a variety of patient engagement concepts over the years – paying specific attention to what has worked and what has failed. Third-party systems are limited in their ability to leverage discrete clinical data. Many “built-in” solutions are simply third-party systems that were acquired and integrated. Our system was designed from the ground up as a solution for EyeMD EMR,” said Blake Dorion, Axon Product Manager.

“Integrating Axon patient engagement into our suite of products will disrupt the current market and forever change how eye care is delivered. We are reshaping how physicians interact with their patients. The introduction of the Axon Patient Engagement system is highly anticipated. We are confident it will drive substantial growth and solidify our position as the gold standard in eye care,” said Gus Savloff, CGO.

For more information on Axon Patient Engagement, visit booth #833 at AAO 2023, in San Francisco.

About EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc.

EyeMD EMR offers innovative clinical software solutions designed specifically for eye care that create healthcare efficiencies, increase patient satisfaction, and improve quality of care. EyeMD EMR has achieved unprecedented levels of EHR user satisfaction corroborated by user satisfaction surveys performed by KLAS research and physician associations including AAO/AAOE, and ASCRS/ASOA. EyeMD EMR is a distinguished 3-time honoree of the prestigious “America’s Fastest Growing Companies” award by Inc. 5000. For more information, visit www.eyemdemr.com or call (877) 2 EYE EMR.


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