GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation Expands its Arora V FPGA Family with Advanced Features

SAN JOSE, Calif. and GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation, recognized as the world's fastest-growing FPGA company, is excited to announce an expansion of its Arora V high-performance FPGA family. The latest offering leverages cutting-edge 22nm SRAM technology, 12.5Gbps high-speed SerDes interfaces, PCIe hardcore, MIPI hardcore D-phy and C-phy support, RISC-V microprocessor, and DDR3 interfaces. The extended family now includes 15K, 45K, 60K, and 75K LUT device offerings.

The new Arora V family not only complements the previous Arora family but also offers a significant performance boost with lower power consumption. Specifically, the Arora V devices exhibit 30% higher performance and a remarkable 60% reduction in power consumption compared to the Arora GW2A family. Arora-V programming configuration provides designers with a wide array of options including JTAG, SSPI, MSPI, CPU, and the ability to directly program external SPI Flash in JTAG or SSPI Mode. In addition, it allows for indirect programming of external Flash in other modes using a soft-core IP bridge and supports background upgrades, bitstream file encryption, and security bit settings.

Arora V further distinguishes itself by delivering exceptional Single Event Upset (SEU) resiliency compared to competitors. GOWIN has adopted an innovative approach by designing custom SRAM cells, significantly reducing soft error rate effects. To make the handling of SEU-related matters more accessible, GOWIN provides a “SEU Handler” wrapper IP, which allows users to seamlessly access SEU reports and correction functions, enhancing both reliability and efficiency.

The new Arora V family also incorporates an advanced I/O structure capable of recovering received serial data containing an embedded clock using built-in CDR technology at each differential I/O pair. This feature facilitates easy cascading of multiple GPIOs for achieving high data throughput, all without the need for a SERDES-based solution. Solutions such as Ethernet, Industrial Field Buses, and LVDS Bus Applications to name a few, can easily be implemented using EasyCDR.

“We are excited to be offering our latest 22nm technology products for next-generation applications during our innovation phase of growth,” states Scott Casper, Director of Sales, GOWIN Semiconductor, “The improvement in performance and speed as well as the added feature of EasyCDR will take us into solutions not realized by previous families.”

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