ProntoForms Reports Q3 2023 Financial Results

Growth in Revenue Accelerates and Quarterly Non-GAAP Operating Breakeven Achieved

OTTAWA, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ProntoForms Corporation (TSXV: PFM), the global leader in field intelligence, announced today its third quarter (Q3) financial results for the period ended September 30, 2023. All amounts are in US dollars unless otherwise stated.

“Our trailing twelve months (“TTM”) revenue growth accelerated to 14.2% in the last quarter and helped eliminate our quarterly non-GAAP operating loss,” said Philip Deck, co-CEO of ProntoForms. “Our tight focus on cost control while funding essential investments for growth resulted in an 11% reduction in operating expenses compared to Q2 2023 and offset unusually low professional services deliveries. TTM annual recurring revenue (“ARR”) base growth continued to be strong at approximately 18%. Net bookings improved with an ARR base increase for the first nine months of 2023 of over 250% compared to the increase for the first nine months of 2022. Revenue retention continues to be strong, particularly with our enterprise customers.”

“We are maintaining our focus on key vertical markets where we deliver a significant return on investment to customers through reduced field service costs, richer data, and higher levels of compliance. We continue to build and focus our marketing and account targeting strategy, and are steadily building customer relationships that will drive additional growth in 2024. Our imminent name change to TrueContext is an important part of our refocused positioning in the market,” continued Mr. Deck.

“In today's economy, field technicians are pivotal, not only generating significant high-margin revenue but also ensuring customer satisfaction. Their roles have evolved from straightforward tasks to interconnected workflows that must be tailored to specific jobs, assets, and individuals, all while delivering elevated customer service. As we delve deeper into the AI era, technicians themselves become invaluable sensors in the field, facilitating the collection and processing of asset information. Field work is often a collaborative effort, requiring coordination among teams beyond just work orders or asset updates. Our product stands out in its ability to easily and iteratively build these complex workflows with a broader enterprise perspective, and we continue to invest and innovate in this vision,” ProntoForms co-CEO and Founder Alvaro Pombo explained.

Financial Highlights – 2023 Third Quarter (All results in USD)

  • Recurring revenue in Q3 2023 increased by 14% to $5.96 million compared to $5.23 million in Q3 2022 and increased by 3% compared to $5.79 million in Q2 2023.
  • Total revenue for Q3 2023 increased by 13% to $6.16 million compared to $5.46 million in Q3 2022 and increased by 1% compared to $6.12 million in Q2 2023.
  • Gross margin for Q3 2023 was 87% of total revenue compared to 85% in Q3 2022 and 86% in Q2 2023. Gross margin on recurring revenue was 91% for Q3 2023 compared to 90% in Q3 2022 and 91% in Q2 2023.
  • Operating loss for Q3 2023 was $0.22 million, down from an operating loss of $1.07 million in Q3 2022 and down from an operating loss of $0.97 million in Q2 2023. Non-GAAP operating income for Q3 2023 was $0.01 million, compared to a loss of $0.85 million in Q3 2022 and a loss of $0.68 million in Q2 2023. (See non-GAAP measures below)
  • Net loss for Q3 2023 was $0.27 million, down from a net loss of $1.01 million in Q3 2022 and down from a net loss of $1.15 million in Q2 2023. Non-GAAP net loss for Q3 2023 was $0.03 million, down from a loss of $0.78 million in Q3 2022 and down from a loss of $0.86 million in Q2 2023. (See non-GAAP measures below)
  • As at September 30, 2023, the Company’s cash and net working capital balances were $5.44 million and $0.71 million respectively.

Please refer to for full financial statements, management discussion and analysis and a downloadable spreadsheet version of our quarterly information.

Recent Operational Highlights

Notable new and expansion progress from enterprise customers, including:

  • A global heavy equipment manufacturer added multi-language capability to its existing ProntoForms deployment, covering roughly 2,500 technicians speaking over 10 languages to improve process standardization and compliance.
  • A global medical equipment manufacturer added multi-language capability to its ProntoForms deployment in a deal worth $150K ARR. The feature was rolled out in dozens of countries across six continents.

Other Highlights

  • ProntoForms was awarded Most Viable Technology at the Service Council Symposium in September 2023 after presenting a solution showcase that addressed prevailing challenges in global field service.
  • ProntoForms was hailed leader of 11 categories in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Report, indicating top performance in user satisfaction, support quality, and market presence. The product led the Enterprise Mobile Forms Automation, Enterprise Relationship Index, and Enterprise Usability Index for Field Service categories.
  • ProntoForms Founder and co-CEO Alvaro Pombo presented a keynote at Field Service Hilton Head in August 2023, discussing the emerging role of intelligent apps in the evolving field service landscape.

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About ProntoForms Corporation

ProntoForms, soon to be TrueContext, is the global leader in field intelligence. The platform’s field workflows and data collection capabilities enable enterprise field teams to optimize decision-making, decrease organizational risk, maximize the uptime of valuable assets, and deliver exceptional service experiences. Over 100,000 subscribers use ProntoForms across multiple use cases, including asset inspection, compliance, installation, repair, maintenance, and environmental, health & safety with quantifiable business impacts. 

The Company is based in Ottawa, Canada, and trades on the TSXV under the symbol PFM. ProntoForms and TrueContext are registered trademarks of ProntoForms Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ProntoForms Corporation.

For additional information, please contact:

Alvaro Pombo
co-Chief Executive Officer
ProntoForms Corporation
613.599.8288 ext. 1111
Philip Deck
co-Chief Executive Officer
ProntoForms Corporation
Dave Croucher
Chief Financial Officer
ProntoForms Corporation

Certain information in this press release may constitute forward-looking information. For example, statements about the Company’s future growth or value, the revenues anticipated to be received by the Company from recent contracts referred to above and anticipated market trends are forward-looking information. This information is based on current expectations that are subject to significant risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict. Actual results might differ materially from results suggested in any forward-looking statements. The Company’s business and value may not grow as anticipated or at all, revenue anticipated from contracts may not be received due to many risks, including factors specific to the customer, and anticipated market trends may not occur or continue. Historical growth levels and results may not be indicative of future growth levels or results. The Company assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those reflected in the forward looking-statements unless and until required by securities laws applicable to the Company. There are a number of risk factors that could cause future results to differ materially from those described herein. Please see “Risk Factors Affecting Future Results” in the Company’s annual management discussion and analysis dated March 8, 2023 found at for a discussion of such factors.


Annual Recurring Revenue (“ARR”)

ARR is calculated as the annual equivalent of the recurring elements of our contracts with customers that are in effect at the end of the period. It excludes one-time professional service fees and assumes that customers will renew the contractual commitments on a periodic basis as those commitments come up for renewal, unless such renewal is known to be unlikely at period end. Please also refer to the Company’s management discussion and analysis for the year ended December 31, 2022 for a description of how the Company determines and uses ARR.


We use Non-GAAP financial measures, including Non-GAAP Operating Income (Loss) and Non-GAAP Net Loss, to provide investors with supplemental measures of our operating performance and to highlight trends in our core business that may not otherwise be apparent when relying solely on IFRS financial measures. Management also uses non-GAAP measures in order to facilitate operating performance comparisons, prepare annual operating budgets and assess our ability to meet working capital requirements. These measures are not recognized measures under IFRS, do not have a standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS and are therefore unlikely to be comparable to similar measures presented by other companies. Rather, these measures are provided as additional information to complement those IFRS measures by providing further understanding of the Company’s results of operations from management’s perspective. Accordingly, they should not be considered in isolation nor as a substitute for analysis of our financial information reported under IFRS. These non-GAAP measures should be read in conjunction with our financial statements and the related notes thereto. Readers should not place undue reliance on non-GAAP measures and should instead view them in conjunction with the most comparable GAAP financial measure.

Non-GAAP Operating Income (Loss)

The Company uses “Non-GAAP Operating Income (Loss)” as a non-GAAP financial measure but it is not a defined term under IFRS to assess performance. Non-GAAP Operating Income (Loss) adjusts the Operating Income or Loss to exclude our share-based compensation plans.

Non-GAAP Operating income (loss)      
 Three months ended   
 September 30, June 30, September 30,
  2023   2023   2022 
GAAP Operating income (loss)$(221,376) $(969,257) $(1,074,037)
Add back:     
Share based compensation 227,864   284,863   223,629 
 $6,488  $(684,394) $(850,408)

Non-GAAP Net Income (Loss)

The Company uses “Non-GAAP Net Income (Loss)” as a non-GAAP financial measure but it is not a defined term under IFRS to assess performance. Non-GAAP Net Income (Loss) adjusts net income (loss) to exclude share-based compensation and accretion of long-term debt.

Non-GAAP Net income (loss)     
 Three months ended
 September 30, June 30, September 30,
  2023   2023   2022 
GAAP Net income (loss)$(265,112) $(1,151,582) $(1,011,677)

Add back:
Share based compensation 227,864   284,863   223,629 
Accretion on long-term debt 2,520   2,809   3,663 
 $(34,728) $(863,910) $(784,385)

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Loss and Comprehensive Loss      
For the three and nine months ended September 30, 2023 and 2022        
(in US dollars)           
     Three Months Ended
September 30,
  Nine Months Ended
September 30,
     2023   2022   2023   2022 
 Recurring revenue$5,959,451  $5,225,580  $17,176,533  $15,085,098 
 Professional and other services 202,721   237,726   881,084   630,933 
     6,162,172   5,463,306   18,057,617   15,716,031 
Cost of revenue (1):           
 Recurring revenue 545,124   530,000   1,594,763   1,637,376 
 Professional and other services 250,497   273,675   828,611   791,183 
     795,621   803,675   2,423,374   2,428,559 
Gross margin 5,366,551   4,659,631   15,634,243   13,287,472 
 Research and development (1) 1,716,583   1,730,394   5,248,172   5,316,920 
 Selling and marketing (1) 2,695,718   3,046,357   8,779,645   8,903,340 
 General and administrative (1) 1,175,626   956,917   3,832,779   2,947,673 
     5,587,927   5,733,668   17,860,596   17,167,933 
Operational loss (221,376)  (1,074,037)  (2,226,353)  (3,880,461)
Foreign exchange loss 53,641   143,655   (49,368)  145,030 
Finance Income 43,360   12,116   115,270   20,886 
Finance costs (140,737)  (93,411)  (384,509)  (183,369)
Net loss and comprehensive loss$(265,112) $(1,011,677) $(2,544,960) $(3,897,914)
Net loss and comprehensive loss           
 per common share basic and diluted$(0.00) $(0.01) $(0.02) $(0.03)
Weighted average number of common shares           
 basic and diluted 130,567,809   128,763,361   130,315,305   128,289,657 
(1) Amounts include share-based compensation expense as follows:       
Cost of revenue$1,800  $(1,551) $11,267  $8,849 
Research and development 30,374   54,741   119,800   228,958 
Selling and marketing 35,525   79,756   124,453   366,736 
General and administrative 160,165   90,683   502,484   363,125 
Total share-based compensation expense$227,864  $223,629  $758,004  $967,668 

Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Financial Position  
as at September 30, 2023 and December 31, 2022    
(in US dollars)     
     September 30,  December 31,
     2023  2022
Current assets:     
 Cash and cash equivalents$5,434,754  $6,112,071 
 Accounts receivable 2,691,356   4,179,088 
 Investment tax credits receivable 174,917   197,553 
 Unbilled receivables 354,255   88,453 
 Related party loan receivable 79,471   79,331 
 Prepaid expenses and other receivables 1,420,778   1,077,015 
 Contract acquisition costs 575,940   311,494 
     10,731,471   12,045,005 
Property, plant and equipment 457,358   286,834 
Contract acquisition costs 505,564   190,585 
Right-of-use asset 964,039   148,515 
    $12,658,432  $12,670,939 
Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity     
Current liabilities:     
 Accounts payable and accrued liabilities$2,520,651  $2,686,288 
 Deferred revenue 7,215,372   6,508,986 
 Lease obligation 286,090   172,947 
     10,022,113   9,368,221 
Long-term debt 6,018,985   6,007,585 
Deferred revenue 132,329   - 
Lease obligation 796,295   - 
     6,947,609   6,007,585 
Shareholders' deficit:     
 Share capital 32,430,789   32,166,781 
 Contributed surplus 864,907   864,907 
 Share-based payment reserve 4,072,776   3,398,246 
 Deficit  (41,864,197)  (39,319,236)
 Accumulated other comprehensive income 184,435   184,435 
     (4,311,290)  (2,704,867)
    $12,658,432  $12,670,939 

Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows         
For the three and nine months ended September 30, 2023 and 2022   
(in US dollars)           
     Three months ended
September 30,
  Nine months ended
September 30,
     2023   2022   2023   2022 
Cash used in:           
Operating activities:           
 Net loss$(265,112) $(1,011,678) $(2,544,960) $(3,897,914)
 Items not involving cash:           
  Share-based compensation 227,864   223,629   758,004   967,668 
  Accretion on lease obligations 17,423   4,043   29,636   15,478 
  Accretion of transaction costs 2,520   3,664   8,138   7,609 
  Amortization of property, plant and equipment 45,329   35,333   116,504   111,060 
  Amortization of right-of-use asset 69,606   63,657   191,289   190,971 
  Unrealized foreign exchange loss (92,269)  (262,256)  9,666   (338,289)
 Other finance costs 77,435   77,632   231,466   154,874 
 Interest paid (120,795)  (89,748)  (346,736)  (175,760)
 Interest received 43,360   12,116   115,270   20,886 
 Changes in non-cash operating working capital items(757,017)  (723,898)  994,456   (422,811)
     (751,656)  (1,667,506)  (437,267)  (3,366,228)
Financing activities           
 Payment of lease obligations (55,516)  (74,864)  (194,496)  (224,653)
 Lease interest paid (17,423)  (4,043)  (29,636)  (15,478)
 Leasehold Incentive 92,790   -   92,790   - 
 Payment of loan renewal fee (7,351)  (7,528)  (7,351)  (7,528)
 Procceds from drawdown of credit facility -   -   -   3,178,124 
 Proceeds from the exercise of options 95,809   432,178   180,534   645,569 
     108,309   345,743   41,841   3,576,034 
Investing activities           
 Purchase of property, plant and equipment (68,273)  (23,311)  (239,937)  (63,585)
 Additions to right of use asset (47,092)  -   (47,092)  - 
     (115,365)  (23,311)  (287,029)  (63,585)
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash (57,811)  (127,342)  5,138   (182,863)
Increase in cash and cash equivalents (816,523)  (1,472,416)  (677,317)  (36,642)
Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period 6,251,277   7,518,063   6,112,071   6,082,289 
Cash and cash equivalents, end of period$5,434,754  $6,045,647  $5,434,754  $6,045,647