ClassIn Launches TeacherIn, First-of-its-Kind Courseware Management Platform

New Solution Manages All Aspects of Courseware Through the Full Cycle of Discovery, Modification, Assignment, and Instruction

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClassIn, a world leader in blended, hybrid, and remote learning solutions, announced the launch of TeacherIn. A first-of-its-kind platform, TeacherIn brings curriculum and content discovery, management, editing, and distribution into ClassIn’s already robust planning and instructional platform - allowing teachers and other content creators to monetize their work. The new content discovery marketplace will also manage and distribute licenses and offer copyright protection for publishers. Now, teachers, publishers, and instructional designers have a single program for all their courseware management and editing needs.

Built with collaborative curriculum and open publishing in mind, TeacherIn helps courseware creators collaborate to create high-quality materials by building upon each other’s curriculum in the cloud. While traditional document editors function on standalone files, courseware creators can now build an entire curriculum in ClassIn.

Over the past several years, educators and content providers have emphasized the benefits of digital curriculum over traditional instruction - citing flexibility, instruction personalization, better integration into LMS, the ability to measure curriculum usage, and cost savings. Yet, educators lack a platform to discover and manage their digital curriculum effectively. None of the many tools and platforms available to educators allowed them to complete simple functions, such as tracking versions, collaborating on edits, and clear visibility into updates.

“ClassIn’s powerful platform manages so many elements of the teaching and learning process - from course planning to lesson planning to the delivery of engaging instruction to student assessment and class analytics, it made sense to add a platform for curriculum discovery and management,” said Sara Gu, Co-Founder, and COO at ClassIn. “Now educators, publishers, and instructional designers have a platform to create and manage all their digital curriculum that integrates seamlessly with the rest of ClassIn’s comprehensive suite of capabilities.”

In an increasingly resource-constrained system, TeacherIn:

  • Provides a consolidated curriculum and content discovery platform for educators
  • Allows for easy course creation by district leaders and teachers
  • Makes managing digital curriculum seamless—from licenses to edits to pushing the most updated versions to teachers—TeacherIn provides curriculum management that is cloud-based, collaborative, and easy for educators
  • Provides publishers with valuable usage analytics and makes it easy to manage access licenses by using in-house developed audio-visual encoders to prevent infringement - ensuring no copyright issue
  • Provides monetization opportunities for educators and content creators who make their materials available for discovery and purchase

Since TeacherIn’s beta went live at the beginning of the year, TeacherIn has gained over 110,000 users globally, and more than 25,000 courses have been created. Over the coming months, ClassIn will also begin partnering with a variety of content providers from around the globe.

About ClassIn
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