World’s first at-home liquid CO2 extractor seeks strong crowdfunding finish

LOVELAND, Colo., Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Ousia Labs, a pioneering botanical extraction company, is entering the final days of its Indiegogo campaign for their revolutionary device, the Ousia Fountain. The world’s first liquid CO2 extractor designed to fit on the kitchen counter, the Ousia Fountain creates pure, concentrated oils from dried herbs, spices, and flowers with the push of a button.

The Ousia Fountain has limitless applications, from the garden to the kitchen, craft room, and beyond. Whether creating extracts for use in food and drink or essential oils for soaps, candles, and other beauty products, the Ousia Fountain does it all.

The team at Ousia Labs developed the Fountain after recognizing a dire need for safe and simple extraction tools available to all. Perfect for chefs, mixologists, wellness creators, and amateurs alike, the Fountain is a sustainable and inexpensive way to concoct clean, premium ingredients for a variety of uses.

Premium extracts are expensive, and commercial extraction equipment even more so. The Ousia Fountain, which retails for $799, pays for itself within a matter of weeks.

“As extraction professionals ourselves, we understand the need for accessible options for DIY, small businesses, and manufacturers,” said David Ross, COO of Ousia Labs. “We’re proud to be the first to market with this revolutionary liquid CO2 extraction technology.”

The Ousia Fountain uses a CO2 cartridge similar to a tabletop soda dispenser to create exceptional essential oils. The user places their dried botanicals in a container and sets the desired temperature and time on a touchscreen interface. Mere hours later, oil is ready to be collected and used, with no residual solvents or residues.

The Indiegogo campaign still needs backers to bring the Fountain devices to life. The crowdfunding effort ends on November 18, with Fountains shipping in March 2024.

“The response to the Indiegogo has been amazing, but we need community support to help cross the finish line,” Ross added.

Pre-orders for the Ousia Fountain are open, with several early adopter discounts available. Contributions to the future of extraction are also welcome.

About Ousia Labs:

Ousia Labs is a Colorado-based innovator in botanical extraction. The team invented the revolutionary Ousia Fountain after seeing a clear need for a small kitchen appliance capable of making real, unadulterated flavoring directly from its natural source.

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Ousia Fountain, the world's first at-home liquid CO2 extractor

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