Btab Ecommerce Group Announces Plans To Empower US Resellers With Access To Australian Made Product Lines

‘Btab set to boost opportunities for US sellers, expanding lines with quality Australian goods’.

SYDNEY, Australia, Nov. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Btab Ecommerce Group, Inc. (OTC: BBTT) (the “Company”) has unveiled its latest plans to support small and medium size businesses to flourish in the super-brand dominated niches, by leveraging the power of the Btab network to connect US resellers with Australian made product ranges.

The move will see significant numbers of US-based resellers of all sizes provided with open access to a broad range of high-quality product lines from Australia, provided either through Btab manufacturing facilities or via partnerships with thousands of high-quality Australian providers.

Recognized worldwide for in-demand health and beauty product lines, the plans will open up access to Australian product lines for the US consumer market, which will not only provide consumers with reasonable pricing for quality goods, but will also benefit small and medium sized businesses thanks to a Btab eco-system managed supply chain.

Btab CEO Binson Lau commented: “We’re excited to announce the latest initiative from the Btab ecommerce network to continue to support SMEs across the world to flourish in the face of dominating multinational brands. Not only will these plans provide the US consumer with exciting opportunities to source quality Australian goods easily and affordably, but it will also boost sales opportunities for resellers, as we will provide the ecommerce technology such as online stores, marketplaces and social network platforms needed to drive their businesses forward.”

Although the unveiling of the latest plans focusses on connecting the US and Australian markets, Btab are keen to share the opportunity across its entire worldwide network, in a bid to continue its mission to provide smaller business with the same technologically-enabled advantages as giant multi-nationals.

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About Btab Ecommerce Group, Inc.

Btab Ecommerce Group is an e-commerce company that operates through its network in Australia, Asia, United States and United Kingdom. It provides affordable ecommerce services and supplies technology and products to small businesses to allow them to compete in an underserved market segment. The Company seeks to expand its reach into Europe and the Americas where it intends to provide small businesses with products and services generally not currently commercially available to them. The Company believes the e-commerce growth in Asia alone will be significant well into the next decade and beyond as increasing numbers of internet users take advantage of online shopping and increasing spending power.

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